'Leimations' E-Cards created with aloha

'Leimations' E-Cards created with aloha

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - E-Cards have been around for quite sometime, but a Hawaii artist is giving them a new spin.

"They're hand painted. They're artful."

They are Leimations, stop motion animation oil paintings created by Laura Margulies.

"I'll make a picture, I'll snap a picture with the camera and it'll get recorded into the computer" she described. That process is repeated hundreds of times over until the animated e-card is complete.

The look and feel of the cards are truly unique. The creation is painstaking.

"The length of time it takes to make one e-card depends on the complexity of the card. The one I have online called 'Tandem Surfing' that one took 10 days".

With over 30 years experience in stop motion animation, the intricacy has become part of the creative process for Laura. Her resume is as layered and deep as her artwork.

"I've done commercials, trailers, MTV Id's. A couple years ago I did a Hawaiian Airlines animated spot".

Brought up on Oahu, Margulies wanted to bring her passion for Hawaii's culture to the masses. She also wanted to share her work in a different way.

"I wanted to create Leimation so I could keep making work all the time and I could have a platform to display it, and let people access it, use it and share it ".

Sharing it comes at an affordable price. The purchase of an individual e-card costs $3.25. It can be sent to three recipients. An annual subscription costs $16.99. For that price, subscribers have unlimited access to Leimation.com's ever expanding catalog of e-cards.

To view the site, go to leimation.com. For more of Margulies' work, check out lauramargulies.com

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