Meet Kama, Hawaii's surfing pig

Kama, the surfing pig
Published: Feb. 15, 2014 at 1:14 PM HST
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Kai Holt with Kamapua'a, the surfing pig
Kai Holt with Kamapua'a, the surfing pig

HAWAII KAI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Sometimes someone just walks into your life.  Kai Holt, of Hawaii Kai, says he was camping with his family at Bellows Beach a few months ago when a little piglet walked into his cabana.  Well, that little piggy went to the right cabana.

Holt named the pig Kamapua'a.  A few weeks later they were walking around his backyard pool when Kama fell in.

"I had no idea pigs could swim," says Holt.

Turns out Kama loves the water.  Soon enough, they were heading to Sandy Beach and Kama was jumping on Holt's standup paddle board.

"I think he enjoys it, you know," says Holt, "he really gets off on it.  It seems like he has a good time out there."

Little Kama is not the first pig to hang two hooves.  A YouTube search turns up a pig in New Zealand who catches waves.  But he's riding what surfers call 'ankle slappers.'

Out at Full Point, Kama charges much bigger waves.  And he survives some serious wipeouts.

"It's funny when there's a big wave and a bump coming and he launches into the air," says Holt's son, Braiden, "I think he's gonna drown, but he just pops right up out of the foam."

On the beach, dogs appear jealous and people gawk in amazement.  Some take pictures to prove it to their friends.

"You know surfing is Hawaii's gift to the world," says Holt.  "It's like true happiness, you know, that's what this guy does.  Everywhere he goes he just makes people smile and laugh.  He just brings joy to the world.

Holt and Kama have such a bond they go everywhere together.  They sleep in the same bed.  Holt has him on a vegetarian diet to keep him from getting too big, say, 150 pounds.

"Hopefully Costco makes a bigger board," says Holt, "We're gonna need a 12'0" in a few months."

Yep, Kama's future looks bright.  He's even sponsored.  He gets free boards from Costco, a Go Pro camera from the Bike Factory, clothes from Local Motion, and he has his own Instagram account. (Kamapuaa808)

Holt says "as long as he lives, he's not gonna see a dinner plate that's for sure.  He wont see the inside of an imu, hehe."

Not bad for a Bellows orphan.

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