Local Connection: Military in Hawaii

Local Connection: Military in Hawaii

By: Rick Blangiardi

I came away from a recent speech at the Hawaii military partnership conference with a new appreciation for how important the military, with its 100,000 jobs and its billions in spending, is to Hawaii.

Admiral Harry B. Harris, head of the US Pacific Fleet, warned local leaders that it will no longer be business as usual when it comes to the military getting the resources it needs.

Since the death more than a year ago of US Sen. Dan Inouye, there are worries about the kind of money that will be coming to our armed forces.

With Senior Senator no longer with us, it is imperative that business and government leaders come together and make sure there are adequate training facilities, military housing and funding that will help the army, air force, navy and marines be all they can be, to coin a phrase.

A vibrant military in the Pacific Rim is essential to the safety and security of the United States. We should do our part in Hawaii to make sure it remains strong.

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