Elusive wallaby spotted near Wilson Tunnel

Photo Courtesy: Robert England
Photo Courtesy: Robert England

An elusive marsupial made its first public appearance of the year in Kalihi Valley on Tuesday, when a man spotted a wallaby near the Wilson Tunnel.

Robert England sent us photos and videos of the creature, perched on a fallen tree branch, on Thursday morning. The last wallaby sighting reported to Hawaii News Now was in June 2013, when a woman named Kalani Higa took a picture of the animal while she and her boyfriend were driving down the Likelike Highway.

Before then, there weren't any reported sightings for years, even though a colony of wallabies are believed to exist in the valley. In 1916, three of the animals escaped into the area and bred after they were shipped to Hawaii and delivered to a private zoo nearby.

According to state officials, these creatures are not a threat to the environment and it is against the law to hunt them. Robert England, the photographer who provided the images, also requested that we ask viewers not to bother the animals.

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