Temperatures soar past 90 degrees in Hawaii classrooms

Temperatures soar past 90 degrees in Hawaii classrooms
Published: Sep. 9, 2013 at 5:20 PM HST|Updated: Sep. 9, 2013 at 9:57 PM HST
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Students say portable P-1 is the hottest classroom on Campbell High School's campus. At mid-morning the thermometer had already hit 90 degrees.

"We're focusing more on fanning ourselves and getting cooled down than our actual school work," student Jaselyn Gonsalves said.

This is only second period. By fourth period the mercury is expected to be in the mid 90s. It will be steamy and uncomfortable.

'You've got to make sure you have deodorant on because it gets pretty sweaty. It gets pretty smelly," Joseph Serrano said.

Two-thirds of Campbell's classrooms do not have air conditioning.

"You see kids just pouring sweat, literally, sweat pouring down their faces. They're really struggling to keep their heads up," teacher Michael Wooten said.

He doles out bottled water. Desks by the doors or windows are coveted.

"When you do get by the window it's probably the best period you're going to have," Edgar Orozco said.

Brandy Davis teaches in another portable. Even with six floor fans on high it's still hot.

"It's a small space. And we've got up to 38 student's per class," she said. "You get all of these hot bodies in here and it raises the temperature."

"A hundred degrees for six hours a day is a way you make a cake, not a future scholar," teacher Corey Rosenlee said.

He wants the Department of Education to air condition all public school classrooms.

On September 26 Campbell's teachers and students will hold a rally at the State Capitol. Wooten and his kids will be there.

"I don't know how we can address the achievement gaps and what's going on between really affluent neighborhoods and neighborhoods that need the support without creating an environment that's good for kids to learn in," he said.

He believes turning down the heat is good place for the state to start.

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