Mililani High School gives students study hall option

Published: Aug. 13, 2013 at 7:33 AM HST|Updated: Aug. 13, 2013 at 8:33 AM HST
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Michelle Ogata
Michelle Ogata
Fred Murphy
Fred Murphy
Kristen Miguel
Kristen Miguel

Michelle Ogata's son is a student at Mililani High School.  She, like every parent, wants the best for him.

"These kids are our future, they're going to become the dentists we may be going to, you know, the doctors we're going to see" she told Hawaii News Now.

It's unsurprising that she has concern about a new program at MHS that gives students the option to either leave at 1:40pm, or 2:05p.  It's a study hall, where students can go to any classroom they want and get extra tutoring from one of their teachers.

"What I'm thinking of is that they're actually losing out on instructional time and minutes" said Ogata.

Principal Fred Murphy wants to allay those concerns.

"Teachers are available to kids and our kids can now have access to any of their teachers at the end of their day" said Murphy.

"[This is] something that has enhanced the bell schedule, given more opportunities for personalization, more opportunities for intervention, more opportunities for support" added the Principal.

Junior Kristen Miguel is just one student who was taken advantage of the extra support—and not.

She claims that through one week of school, she's sought out extra help one time, leaving the other three.

"There are days when I do feel like I need to go, but I do not feel like it's an obligation, or I don't feel forced to go" she said, adding "now that I'm taking harder classes, I need it".

Miguel doesn't feel her education has changed, as the school's curriculum has actually increased in stringency and set higher standards for its students since the last academic year.

However, for parents wanting their children to stay until 2:05p, Murphy says that can be accommodated.

"It can be made mandatory.  We're at the very beginning of the school year, so our teachers can in fact say, no you will be with me during that time each day".

That's something that can alleviate any parents concern.

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