Thieves hit Mililani High School twice in one week

Thieves hit Mililani High School twice in one week
Fred Murphy, Mililani High School Principal
Fred Murphy, Mililani High School Principal

MILILANI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Summer break has seen a lot of break-ins at Mililani High School and administrators are asking for your help catching the crooks.

Thieves left their mark not once but twice this week cutting open storage sheds and spending hours on campus stealing $15,000 of valuable equipment on Tuesday and Thursday night this week.

"Certainly you feel like a victim. This is a malicious act that someone planned so you have to think that through," said Fred Murphy, Mililani High School Principal. "This is a crime against kids this is not just stealing from a state school it's kids that are hurt when you come in and take away from their place."

Criminals broke into the baseball office, the woodshop and storage areas for the football and softball fields. Among the stolen items were two Honda generators, two leaf blowers, a tile saw and a $7,000 TH 6x4 John Deere Gator utility tractor, which they drove across the infield and actually used in the crime.

"That was particularly insulting. Not only did they steal the tractor but then they used it to haul away other items that they gleaned elsewhere on campus to take it to a loading area to take it off campus. Then they took the tractor," said Murphy.

They also ripped off the copper gutters from the building at the baseball field which has plenty of areas that parent volunteers helped raise money to build.

"We work hard to raise money so it's very disheartening and sad that they have to steal from kids because it's not easy to get the funding," said Joy Matsukawa, Mililani Baseball Booster Club member, parent and assistant principal.

At nearly 52 acres the high school is huge. It does have surveillance which caught the crew of thieves on camera although they were disguised in black hoodies and masks. Murphy says they do appear to be adults not students. They also seemed to know which doors had alarms.

The crooks may not be dumb, but the school won't be outsmarted.

"We do find who does perpetrate these things and we will get them," said Murphy.

In the meantime they are asking for help from public.

"If you're driving by at 2:00 in the morning and there is someone dressed in all black that might be something you want to call a police officer about. If it looks suspicious give them a call and let them decide if that was an appropriate activity to be happening at that time of day or night and help us because our schools are vulnerable," said Murphy.

If you happen to spot any of the stolen items online or out in the public call police or the school right away.

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