Punahou St. Body, Deedy Analysis, and More!

Good Morning Sunrisers!

Murder on Punahou Street

Police are investigating after a woman's body was found wrapped in carpet on a driveway on Punahou Street. A security guard in the area claims she was also bound and gagged. Ramsay Wharton will be live with the very latest.

Analyzing Deedy Trial

Alcohol consumption has become a key issue in the Christopher Deedy murder trial. He's the federal agent who is accused of shooting and killing Kollin Elderts in a Waikiki McDonalds in 2011. Multiple witnesses have taken the stand and given their opinion on his level of inebriation or lack thereof. How will this affect the jury and possibly the outcome of the trial? We're bringing in long time defense attorney Paul Cunney to discuss the issue in our 6am hour on KGMB and KHNL.

Dan is unveiling a new segment today.

Yikes! It's called "Deep thoughts by the deep blue sea with Craig Kaleikini". If you are a regular, you know Craig is our beloved audio guy. He's responsible for all the sound effects and music.

Let's get Footloose!

The Ohana Summer Arts Festival has an upcoming performance at the Mamiya Theater at Chaminade University. The performers are all kids ages 8 to 18. They're waxing nostalgic over the 1980's with their rendition of the movie "footloose". The lead (the role that Kevin Bacon played) will be performed by a familiar face to Sunrise. Billy V's son Leon will be playing Ren. We're very excited to see them perform in our 7am hour on KGMB and in our 8am hour on KFVE.

Hope to see you on this Wednesday,