Snowden Accepts Asylum, Deedy Trial, and She's Got Talent!

Snowden Accepts Asylum

Happening just minutes ago, Edward Snowden has reportedly accepted asylum from the Venezuelan government. We'll work to confirm and bring you updates live on Sunrise.

Federal Agent Christopher Deedy Murder Trial

Hawaii News Now has exclusive video of Christopher Deedy covered in blood right after the shooting in November of 2011. The evidence was presented in court as his murder trial gets underway. We'll talk to a defense attorney about what to expect from both sides.

Cheap Air Fare

Allegiant Airlines will start selling tickets today between Honolulu and Los Angeles International Airport. It's $99 for a one way trip but you can't fly until October.

She's Got Talent!

She's in! Local girl Ciana Pelekai passed the first round auditions for KHNL's "America's Got Talent" show. She's heading to Vegas, but first she'll be in our Sunrise studio to show off her vocal abilities. She's only 12 years old, but she's already sung the national anthem at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and impressed Maury Povich on his talk show. Look for her live performance today around 6:45am.

No Bake, Extreme Cakes

Ever wish you could make elaborate, beautiful cakes like the ones you see on television. Now you can, according to the owners of Cake Lava in Kailua. Rick and Sasha Reichert come into the Sunrise kitchen to show us just how easy it can be. They have a new book titled "Extreme Cakeovers" with step-by-step directions to help you construct, ice and design the perfect cake. They've had testers from around the country who have been able to do it successfully. We'll show you how to make an edible aloha shirt.

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Grace Lee