Exclusive: NCIS search for evidence in Ivy Harris murder

Exclusive: NCIS Search for Evidence in Ivy Harris Murder

HONOLULU (Hawaii News Now)- More than one month after the murder of Oregon visitor Ivy Harris, Naval investigators spent the day on the Leeward side, looking for evidence.

The Marine Corps has taken over this case since the prime murder suspect is Master Sergeant Nathaniel Cosby. He's being held at the Pearl Harbor brig while the NCIS investigates.

Sergeant Cosby admits that he spent the night with Harris at her Waikiki hotel, but denies killing her. He was arrested June 5th by police, but never charged.

Military investigators are now doing their own evidence gathering. Hawaii News Now captured exclusive video of a new search. A team of 40 military investigators and Department of Land and Natural Resources employees scoured the thick brush surrounding Yokohama Bay for clues.

Harris' body was found near Yokohama Bay on May 20th. That was four days after sources say surveillance video caught Cosby and Harris walking into a hotel together, and Cosby leaving alone, struggling with a large suitcase.

The Medical Examiner ruled last week that Harris died from an injury to the neck.

Honolulu Prosecutors say it's "more advantageous" to prosecute this case in the Military Justice System because you can have as few as 5 jurors, and need two-thirds for a conviction.

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