Snowden, School Readiness... And are you ready for a hurricane?

Where in the world is Edward Snowden?

The NSA leaker and former Hawaii resident is missing. He was booked for a flight from Moscow to Cuba, but he reportedly did not take the flight. Watch Sunrise to find out where he could be headed next and what Secretary of State John Kerry had to say about the situation.

School Readiness

Governor Abercrombie is scheduled to sign the school readiness bill today. Senate Bill 1093 will set-up a state funded preschool program. The governor wants more money than the legislature set aside for it.

Hurricane Preps - There's an app for that

We use our smart phones for everything. They can also be useful in preparing you for hurricanes. Today in our 7am hour, we'll talk to an expert about what apps could help you weather the storm and how you can keep communicating with your family.

We'll have those stories, plus traffic and weather every ten minutes, on Sunrise!

Aloha, and have a great week!

Grace Lee