VIDEO: Shark surprises fishing kayaker in waters off Oahu

Shark surprises fishing kayaker in waters off Oahu
Published: Apr. 10, 2013 at 4:15 PM HST|Updated: Apr. 10, 2013 at 9:35 PM HST
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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's going to great lengths for food. That's the story for a fisherman and a tiger shark who were competing for the same tuna.

Isaac Brumaghim is an extreme kayak fisherman and he experienced just how extreme it can be Sunday afternoon.

Brumaghim was fishing about two miles from shore near Waianae in his 16 foot kayak. He was reeling in a kawakawa tuna when a shark leaped into the air trying to snatch the fish from the line. Brumaghim still tries to reel it in, but the shark bumps the kayak and takes the fish.

"The shark made a circle, came around and ate the kawakawa under my boat, hit my kayak and then it kind of hit me what just happened and I had a reaction to that," said Brumaghim.

"Holy ----! Oh my God!" said Brumaghim on the video.

"Yeah I did get the shivers a bit on it just thinking about the whole thing and the possibility of me actually putting my hands in after my fish. It made me think how foolish that would have been," said Brumaghim.

"The look on his face was incredible," said Wayne Samiere, a marine biologist and former NOAA fish ecologist and current Honolulu Fish Company President. "I think that was really rare to be able to experience that."

Samiere thinks it was a 10 foot tiger shark between 400-500 pounds doing what comes naturally.

"If a fish is distressed it sends out electrical vibration signals, plus if it's hooked it's probably also leaking some blood, and all a shark needs is just one little small taste of that signal and it's going to make a beeline right for that target," said Samiere. "It would have been an intimidating thing to be around and in the water."

Brumaghim is part of a group called Aqua Hunters and is fishing in an eight month tournament. He stayed out and caught two more fish after the shark encounter.

"People may say that is foolish but I see it all the time. The shark is a part of the ocean he is going to want fish. We're in his domain so you just have to live with it he wasn't there to eat me at that point. He had his fish I was hoping he was fine. I did get a couple fish after that so it was okay," said Brumaghim. "It definitely was an adrenaline rush for me out there. Life and death right in front of you. It put some things into perspective."

Life is the operative word. The 37 year old father of three young boys has lived to tell the tale.

To watch the video on Isaac's YouTube channel, click here. Please be advised, there is a swear word approximately :23 seconds into the video.

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