Homeless handyman and Congressional candidate's American flag burned

Homeless handyman and Congressional candidate's American flag burned

You'll recall we introduced you to Kawika Crowley last election. He was the homeless candidate who won the Republican primary for Congress. He is a fiery guy anyway but he really got angry when someone burned his American flag.

"Sorry guys. I get tears in my eyes, but that's what somebody did to my flag," said Kawika Crowley, former Republican Congressional candidate, as he pointed to the charred remains of the flag.

The homeless handyman's van is his transportation, home and office. Now it is also a crime scene. At 3:30 Sunday morning someone grabbed his American flag from its holder and set it on fire under the back of the van near his gas tank.

"Nothing much rattles me. I'm a boxing coach I've been in boxing for years and years. But I have to admit this shook me up. Big time," said Crowley.

He was parked in front of the O'Reilly Auto Parts Store at the Kaneohe Bay Shopping center. Some burned flag remnants are still at the parking spot. The flames got big enough for a security guard across the street at Windward Mall to first notice and run over to wake Crowley.

"I could have easily died because of somebody's ignorance or somebody's hatred for this flag. If you're out there listening bruddah, if you don't like what this flag stands for move to Cuba or move to Iraq or Iran," said Crowley.

There weren't security cameras showing the parking stall his van was in so he doesn't know who did it or why. Honolulu Police are investigating. Desecrating a flag is against the law in Hawaii punishable by a year in prison and $10,000 fine.

"Thousands and thousands of people have given their lives for this flag and you are going to come and do this. I'm not really concerned about me. If I die okay I die. But the fact you would do this to this wonderful piece of the center of our nation. Everything drives upon that flag. Shame on you whoever did this" said Crowley.

Word about the incident spread almost as fast as the flames and the Kaneohe Shell Station already gave Crowley a new American flag.

"She's going to fly again!" Crowley said waving the new flag.

The incident has not extinguished Crowley's passion. He does plan to run for Congress again next election.

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