Warriors kick off Spring practice

Honolulu (HawaiiNewsNow) - There was no music blaring through speakers and rather than a mid-day practice the UH football team stepped onto Cook field near dawn, Tuesday to kick off their Spring practice campaign. While the differences boarded more on the cosmetic the message from the coaching staff remained the same...be ready to work.

"We told them that we taught effort last year. We expected effort." said UH head coach Norm Chow. "We're going to teach schemes and press along and it worked very well."

In the first of 15, 90-minute practices, the Warriors wore no pads. Instead UH focused on fundamentals, re-integrating athletes who red-shirted in 2012, like quarterback Taylor Graham. The Ohio State transfer took all of the snaps with the first team.

"I definitely see a lot of opportunity here and a lot of talent. They guys they've brought in. Guys with a year under their belt. I just hope I can step in and help the team," said Graham. "Obviously coming off 3-9 (2012 record) we got a lot of work to do. No doubt about it."

The Warriors first two practices are strategically planned. Following Thursday's morning practice the Warriors will have a one week hiatus for Spring break. That will allow the coaching staff some time to evaluate their plan of attack and personnel.

"We just try to install. We're trying to get a lot of it installed today," says Chow. "I told the coaches that if we're installing in four or five days then we've installed too much. We'll install today and tomorrow and probably one more next week and it gives us a chance to look at the tape and reflect after a couple days."

Hawaii's second practice is on Thursday, March 21 at 7am.