Youth advocate and 3 students arrested after Farrington brawl

Youth advocate and 3 students arrested after Farrington brawl

KALIHI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A brawl that started at Farrington High School leads to Honolulu Police using pepper spray, handcuffs and a surprising arrest.

"There was a huge rumble. It had cops and security involved, pepper spray, rubber guns. It was really crazy," said Mark Fermin, Farrington High School Student. "There was a kid he had a skateboard and threw it at the cops head. The walkie talkie fell down."

"It was pretty scary because they're all big and I'm like the small one," said Albren Coloma, Farrington High School Student. "It took awhile to stop the fight."

"It was just messed up. They started calling out each other and fighting," said Fernan Garcia, Farrington High School Student.

Farrington students were still talking about the big brawl from Wednesday.  It was started by students from different housing projects.

The fights began at lunch. The school administration says many of the players were identified and "crisis removed" from school and their parents were notified. However the fighting continued after school.  Police say there was a crowd of 150 people at Kalakaua District Park that saw several fights break out.

"It was pretty scary because you don't know what can happen. Maybe someone will pull out a gun and shoot someone," said John Cordeiro, Farrington High School Student. "The security couldn't stop both crowds and it just turned into like a rumble with two crews."

Three students between 15 to 17 years old were arrested for disorderly conduct or failing to disperse the scene.

Sabra Dellalucia, 27, was also arrested. Pictures showed her handcuffed and on the ground near a student who got pepper sprayed.

Dellalucia works for Adult Friends for Youth, a non-profit organization that helps high risk kids.  She was arrested for obstruction of government operations.

"The lady was like stop it I'm not doing anything wrong but the cop pulled her up, put her to the ground and handcuffed her," said Fermin.

The Adult Friends for Youth organization has been at schools since 1985 to help maintain order.  This is a first time one of them has been arrested during a school related incident.

"I'm surprised. The resources we use as far as our outside partnerships are always there for the kids and an advocate for the kids so I really don't know what happened so I can't speak to that at this point," said Al Carganilla, Farrington High School Principal. "They come in when they find out there is tension between certain groups. They make sure they talk to groups and do home visits with kids."

Adult Friends for Youth wouldn't comment about Dellalucia's arrest.  Although she wrote on her Facebook page that she's not digging the misdemeanor charge and that she's got a lawyer.

Meanwhile, the Farrington principal says students are safe.

"Oh yeah they are definitely. We took extra precautions as far as getting extra security. We had a staffing with our admin and we let our whole staff know," said Carganilla.

Some of the main students involved did not return to school this week.  The school is still working out punishments.

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