Allegiant delays upset Hawaii travelers

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Allegiant launched weekly flights from Bellingham, Eugene, and two cities in California earlier this month, but passengers are already running into problems. Milana Smith and her family flew to Kahului from Bellingham for their vacation. She said they faced a nine-hour delay for their original flight home, then another setback once onboard the plane.

"About an hour into the flight, we were advised that the engines were using too much fuel and that we had to turn around and return to Maui. Then we were advised that we would be flying around Maui for a while to burn off some of the fuel so we could land, and then they chose to land in Honolulu," said Smith.

Smith said they then waited four hours in line for a hotel voucher. Their flight was set to leave on Tuesday night.

"The rumor is that they were going to give us a $75 voucher for a future flight. To be honest, we won't be using that voucher," Smith said.

Meanwhile, passengers on the incoming flight from Bellingham arrived on Tuesday afternoon, nearly 19 hours late.

Another Allegiant flight from Stockton arrived in Honolulu overnight after a 26-hour delay due to mechanical problems. The airline said it has sixteen 757's and only four or five are currently working.

A spokesperson for Allegiant sent this information about the delayed flights:

•11/25/12 Flight 1053 Stockton to Honolulu

Passengers were each offered $225 in vouchers for future Allegiant flights. They were also given two meal vouchers. Customers who had hotel reservations will receive refunds for two nights. If they were not booked through Allegiant, they simply have to turn in their receipts for reimbursement.

•11/25/12 Flight 1058 Bellingham to Maui

Passengers were offered $150 in vouchers for future Allegiant flights as well as two meal vouchers. One hotel night in Maui will also be refunded.

•11/26/12 Flight 1057 Bellingham to Honolulu

Passengers were also offered $150 in vouchers for future Allegiant flights as well as two meal vouchers. One night in Honolulu hotels will be refunded as well.

•11/26/12 Flight 1059 Maui to Bellingham (diverted to Honolulu)

Passengers offered $150 in vouchers for future Allegiant flights and two meal vouchers

•Plus all delayed passengers who traveled more than 50 miles from their home were provided hotels at no charge.

•Please note that all passengers were given the option of a full refund. Out of a total of 662 passengers who were affected, only 13 opted for the refunds.

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