Rail depends on Honolulu Mayor's race

Rail depends on Honolulu Mayor's race
Kirk Caldwell
Kirk Caldwell
Ben Cayetano
Ben Cayetano

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - After months of tough and often negative campaigning voters will decide whose message won them over.  The fate of the rail project hinges on the outcome of the Honolulu mayor's race.

It could be the biggest mayoral election since statehood.  It's not just who becomes Honolulu's new mayor. The election has become another referendum on rail, the largest public works project in Hawaii history.

"Please vote for Kirk Caldwell to represent tomorrow!" yelled a Caldwell supporter to potential voters from a trolley.

There was plenty of enthusiasm on this election eve as the end of the campaigning is near.

"I feel very positive. I just feel overwhelmed with gratitude and very positive," said Kirk Caldwell, Honolulu Mayoral Candidate.

"I'm not nervous. I can't say I'm not anxious but I'm not nervous," said Ben Cayetano, Honolulu Mayoral Candidate.

Ben Cayetano had a relaxed last day with supporters sign waving for him in Manoa, Kaneohe and Waipahu. He also canvassed neighborhoods in Kalihi.

"Our internal polling tells us its close. It's neck and neck," said Cayetano.

Kirk Caldwell spent the day on a trolley going around the Honolulu posing for pictures and collecting shakas.  He and supporters ended the day sign waving outside his campaign headquarters on Nimitz Highway.

"I told the team this morning that I have no regrets. Everything has been done to my view with 100 percent satisfaction," said Caldwell. "I think it's going to be a close election. But I know one thing we're working super hard we're not going to take anything for granted. I'm going to go out and earn every possible vote I can. That is the style in Hawaii right, it's not that you expect to get elected. You have to go out and earn their vote."

There is plenty at stake namely the $5.26 billion rail hinges on the outcome of this race.  At times it's been extremely negative with construction advocate Pacific Resource Partnership (PRP) spending millions on negative advertising against Cayetano, the anti-rail candidate.

"I tell you this. I'm going to get to the bottom of this. If there is nothing else that comes out of this election for me, it's going to be we are going to get to the bottom of this and we will give you guys all the information the public needs to know about who is behind all of this spending," said Cayetano, in revealing who donated money to PRP.  "They've been attacking my reputation and name, and my character."

"If I lose and the rail people somehow get the project off the ground you're going to find the character of the city will be changed," said Cayetano.

"It's a clear demarcation about whether we look forward to a city that grows into the 21st century or we look backwards to the same kind of governing and style that we've had since statehood," said Caldwell.  "I think the argument is that this is not just about rail, whether rail gets built or not all the other issues remain that are extremely important to everyone."

For all that's been said about the rail lawsuits and federal funding questions the rail project could be all but over tomorrow if Cayetano wins.

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