Senior beaten in shopping center elevator

Senior beaten in shopping center elevator

A 79 year old great-grandfather was brutally attacked inside an elevator at Kaimuki shopping center.

It's a story that will have you shaking your head, wondering what is wrong with some people?

Albert Anoina was just on his daily routine - dropped off by The Bus to pick up a prescription at Longs and do some grocery shopping at Times. But he became prey to someone who beat him up and stole $250 of his money.

Albert is moving slower - for good reason.  This former amateur boxer has the heart of a fighter, but even he knows he was targeted because of age.

"He tried to grab me," says Albert. "I tried to push him down, push him away, but he turned around and grabbed me by the neck."

He's been to Kaimuki shopping center hundreds of times. Last Saturday afternoon, he took the Ewa elevator to the second floor. When it opened, a man that Albert could only describe as about 5'5, in his 30's or 40's, wearing a straw hat shoved him back inside. The man punched, kicked, choked, and pushed Albert to the ground.

The 79 year old fought back. "I kick him in the face. I kick him in the stomach.  I kick him in the groin for me to get away."

Albert blacked out. When he came to, the man was gone - and so was his wallet. No witnesses, either. He got out and got help from the first two people he saw. Familymembers were devastated to see their patriarch in the emergency room.

Daughter Julie Lauofo says, "When I made that turn, and just saw what he looked like, I couldn't hold back. All the emotions just flooded out."

Head trauma, leg pain, a fat lip, cuts in his mouth, bruises on his neck - even the skin on his arm was pulled apart.

"Unfortunately, as our population gets older, we're going to see more and more of these crimes," says Scott Spallina, from the Elder Abuse Justice Unit of the Honolulu Prosecutor's office.

The office tracks senior abuse cases of all kinds. It advises seniors not to be too predictable or routine. Spallina adds, "Criminals that have been looking at the habits, can take advantage of the habits. They'll know when the house is empty. They'll know when the senior is going to this one area."

Also, seniors, know exactly where you're going and travel in highly-visible, well-lit places. Albert's case remains open - with no suspect yet.

Authorities say, although it's a natural reaction, don't fight back, if they just want the money. In response to the attack, the property management company at Kaimuki shopping center has hired another security guard to make the rounds from 3:00 pm to 10pm.

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