Colt Brennan investigated for felony drug possession and DUI

Colt Brennan investigated for felony drug possession and DUI
Published: Jul. 26, 2012 at 10:20 AM HST|Updated: Jul. 26, 2012 at 9:54 PM HST
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Colt Brennan's Mugshot
Colt Brennan's Mugshot
Brennan leaves HPD cellblock with attorney Michael Green
Brennan leaves HPD cellblock with attorney Michael Green
Colt Brennan leaving HPD cellblock - Source: Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Colt Brennan leaving HPD cellblock - Source: Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Car Colt Brennan was driving when arrested for DUI
Car Colt Brennan was driving when arrested for DUI

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Colt Brennan is one of the all time favorite University of Hawaii athletes and fans are disappointed to hear he's been arrested for felony drug possession and drunk driving.

At noon former UH star quarterback and Heisman Trophy finalist Colt Brennan was released pending investigation from the Honolulu Police Station.  He got into his attorney's Bentley and immediately got on his cell phone, no doubt talking about what happened 12 hours earlier.

Police say he was arrested in Kailua for drunk driving and promoting a dangerous drug in the third degree which is a felony.  Lab tests have not revealed what the powdery substance was.  The fact it's a "dangerous" drug means it is more serious than marijuana which is listed as a "harmful" drug under Hawaii law.

"There is more here as to how you get to being on top of the mountain to being in the gutter somewhere," said Michael Green, Brennan's Attorney. "How did I get here? Not why he got arrested but how did I wind up in jail. From being at the very top to being in a cell on Beretania Street. So I would describe his demeanor as pure sadness."

The rental car sat in the parking lot in front of the businesses at the corner of Kailua Road and Uluoa Street where Brennan was arrested.  A hat, gum and Bob Marley cigarette papers sat on the front seat.

Green says the traffic stop may not have been justified.  Brennan was stopped for going 10 miles per hour over the speed limit.  Green also says the drugs could have belonged to the rental car's previous customer.

Brennan had recently returned to Hawaii.  He had plans on staying permanently and is said to have been meeting with another local television station earlier in the day.

"Interviewing about him doing some work for them, piece work where they would pay him for various projects he did for them and he wound up being downtown and he stayed later walking around, hanging out kicking back and walked into a club or a place he knew and ran into somebody and having some drinks and went back home to Kailua where he was staying. He gets stopped on a traffic offense and winds up sitting in the can," said Green.

The arrest doesn't help his job prospects in TV or especially as a professional athlete.  The man who used to throw spirals for touchdowns now appears to have a spiraling career.

"When you get this kind of a case (teams) won't touch you after that. They worry about substance abuse problems," said Green.

"It's pretty shocking and pretty sad," said Gordon Ahnee, Kailua resident who lives near the arrest scene.  "You would think he left all that behind him but unfortunately I don't think so."

"It sends a very bad message to the kids. Especially those idolized him," said Darrylnn Ferreira, Kailua resident.

Brennan was released pending investigation and has not been charged, therefore there was no need to post bail.  No court date has been set.

Last month, Brennan was released by the Saskatchewan Roughriders two days before the first preseason game. He was competing for a back-up position on the Canadian Football League team.

Brennan was originally a sixth round pick of the Washington Redskins in the 2008 draft. He spent a short amount of time with the Oakland Raiders and Hartford Colonials of the UFL.

Back in Nov. 2010, Brennan was involved in a head-on vehicle crash on the Big Island.

Brennan's girlfriend at the time, Shakti Stream, was driving an SUV that crossed the center line and collided into a car driven by Dr. Theresa Wang.

Stream and Brennan were both hospitalized for less than a week. However, Wang needed more treatment.

Wang was taken to the Queen's Medical Center where she was in a coma for weeks. She was then transported to a Colorado rehab hospital that specializes in brain and spinal cord injuries.

Brennan says he does not remember the crash or the days after it.

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