(HawaiiNewsNow) - Sean creating his first band "TEOS" in 2009, noticing that his younger brother Kyle had a flair for the drums in addition to his guitar playing, the brothers began to jam. This then lead to their young unique Rock-n-Roll sound they began to create. Showing high enthusiasm between them about the music they were playing, realizing they had similar interests formed the band "JUST US2!"

Sean: Born and raised in Hawaii graduating valedictorian at PCHS, now an Honor student at CSU. Plays Lead Guitar/Bass Guitar/Trombone/Lead Singer/Song Writer.

Kyle: Born and raised in Hawaii, this year a tenth grader in Honors at Pearl City High School Pearl City, HI, plays Drums/ Lead Guitar /Bass Guitar /Trumpet/Singer/Song Writer.

Kyle & Sean enjoy collaborating with the writing of the melodies and lyrics they create. Being that they are brothers and close friends they find it easy to work together having the opportunity to write at any time.

The two young men have performed for the 2010 NFL Pro-Bowl Experience, HI; Sunset on the Beach, HI; several times at McDonalds (Mc-Night for PCHS) - Burger King, HI helping to raise funds for PCHS Senior Project. They have gone on to write many songs and working on more.

The band has participated heavily with the Brown Bags to Stardom winning best Rock song 2010 & Burger King's - Band Champ contest and competitions. The band performed for the taping of "Entertain Me" show to air sometime in 2012 nationally. Starting tour dates for Six Flags Live & Local show's Six Flags over Texas; May 31, 2010; Six Flags St. Louis, MO, June 4 - 5 & 11, 2010; Six Flags Magic Mt. L.A. CA June 18, 2010, and other Six Flags Locations & dates. Chick-Fill-A sponsored the band to perform at several malls throughout the US starting with the Foot Hills Mall Fort Collins, CO. While on tour throughout the US Sean & Kyle enjoyed autographing thousands of CD's & T-shirts for all their new fans. Being honorary ambassadors to the state of Hawaii handed out thousands of lays and buttons promoting the "Live Aloha" way of life.

The "JUST US2" Band has been offered the opportunity to perform at several music festivals during the 2012 Summer Olympics London, England 2012. They will also perform in Kings Lynn, England, more interest in the band from Hawaii has created other opportunities for the band to perform while in England.

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