Hawaii surfer reunited with camera lost underwater for a year

Dennis Curry
Dennis Curry
Donald Eubank
Donald Eubank
Robin Bond Jr.
Robin Bond Jr.

KAKAAKO (HawaiiNewsNow) - An Oahu surfer lost a borrowed camera while filming out at Kewalos last summer. The undamaged camera recently found its way back to him after a year underwater.

Three strangers are now connected by a lost camera. Army chaplain Donald Eubank was returning from a night dive near Point Panic last month. He spotted something square in the sand in about 25 feet of water.

"It was covered in sand and mud, and it was lens down," explained Eubank.

Amazingly, the case held up and the GoPro camera still worked.

"There were 51 video clips of one man surfing, and I said, 'I gotta find this guy and get him his camera back,'" recalled Eubank.

Eubank posted an ad on Craigslist using a picture of the surfer's face. Robin Bond Jr. spotted the listing and asked if he could help by posting the photo on his Facebook page.

"I had hoped that I was equipped with enough friends in surf that it would get picked up pretty quick," said Bond.

Within a few hours, Bond found the surfer in the video. Air Force veteran Dennis Curry had borrowed the camera from a friend and lost it a year ago when a strong wave hit him.

"It broke off and it broke my watch off on the same wave, and I went diving the next day looking in the reef and I found my watch and I couldn't find the camera," said Curry.

Curry eventually bought a new GoPro for his friend. He was shocked when he heard that the lost camera had finally been found.

"They are $300 cameras. People are gonna keep them and for someone to go out and do a good deed and go out of his way to track me down and to give it back unconditionally, that's a blessing," said Curry.

"I could have kept it, but that would have given me no satisfaction. The satisfaction and joy would be in returning this lost camera to someone I knew would be really happy to get it back," explained Eubank.

Curry can't wait to try out the camera. He plans to use a special flotation device and a leash to make sure it doesn't get lost again.

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