Stabbing suspect caught in Chinatown

Hakim Ouansafi
Hakim Ouansafi
Calvin Rivera
Calvin Rivera

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - John Posco Sukuruta, 24, was arrested Thursday at 2:05 am on North King Street in Chinatown shortly after a 30 year old man was stabbed four times on a sidewalk along Liliha Street near Mayor Wright Homes.

The victim was taken to a hospital in critical condition but was later upgraded to stable condition.

Early media reports suggested the stabbing happened at Mayor Wright Homes, a housing complex run by the state. But the Hawaii Public Housing Authority was quick to point out the stabbing did not occur on its property.

"We have confirmed that this incident has nothing to do with our housing or with our organization in general. Neither the suspect nor the victim are residents of ours or have any association with our housing," said Hakim Ouansafi, HPHA Executive Director.

There was a fatal stabbing at Mayor Wright in September, 2011 and another in January 2012. Since then the housing authority has hired a new security firm to patrol the grounds and man the guard shack where vehicles enter the property.

"They're doing a great job. We had a meeting just yesterday with all the tenants of Mayor Wright (invited) and it was a unanimous verdict that security has improved tremendously," Ouansafi said.

"Oh, it's better. It's much better now," said resident Calvin Rivera. "They make it safer because they walk around. They tell people 'hi.' The other security never did talk to us guys. They just walk and look and that's it. And you tell them something and they won't do it. These guys, they do," Rivera added.

Police records show neither Sukuruta nor his alleged victim have known addresses.

Sukuruta is being held for investigation of murder in the second degree, but as of early Thursday evening had not been charged.

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