Teen runs for Honolulu City Council

Published: Apr. 17, 2012 at 8:01 PM HST|Updated: Apr. 17, 2012 at 10:46 PM HST
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E.J. Delacruz
E.J. Delacruz

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - An 18-year-old is running for a seat on the Honolulu City Council.

You may not recognize him but the family's Chrysler 200 is easy to spot with E.J. Delacruz's campaign sticker on the door.

If elected Delacruz would become the youngest person ever elected to the Honolulu City Council.

"Originally I wanted to be a teacher.  I wanted to be an English professor at one point.  It was so I can influence a classroom.  I can influence the younger generation and they can make a difference, but for me it just started progressing and working its way up to where I couldn't think of anything else other than politics that would make a big enough positive impact in the world," said Delacruz.

The District 1 candidate hasn't aligned himself with Democrats, Republicans, or any other party - which is alright because council races are non partisan.

He says he just wants to do what's right. "As an example, I live up in Makakilo and my road just got pulled up and re-paved and I know that, from the eye level, just from looking at it, it didn't need to be done.  I mean I feel like there are other roads out there that should have had priority over my street and I think the priorities are a little off.

Delacruz is against rail. He says it just costs too much. But will he ever get to vote on rail or anything else? After all, most of his opponents have greater name recognition. They are the incumbent ... Tom Berg, state representative Kimberly Pine, former representative Alex Santiago, Leeward coast activist and advocate James Manaku and former legislative aid community volunteer Rose Martinez.

"Do you think you can win this? To be honest, I honestly think I can.  I really think I have a chance.  I think people are ready for a change and I think I can help bring that change.  And if I don't, then I hope to inspire people my age to get involved and I know that I've already heard of some people my age who have heard my story and want to say, hey - maybe I can do this and hopefully they will."

Long shot, yes, but Delacruz says if he doesn't get in this time around, he'll be back and eventually he hopes to be elected president.

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