Motocross board to review safety in wake of accidents

Wayne Stevenson
Wayne Stevenson
George Vares
George Vares

KAHUKU (HawaiiNewsNow) – The president of the Hawaii Motocross Association said the organization's Board of Directors will likely discuss ways to improve safety at the Kahuku Motocross Track in the wake of a string of accidents last weekend. Association president George Vares said despite recent accidents he believes the track is safe and points out that motocross is an inherently risky sport.

Paramedics were called to the track to treat people involved in three separate accidents Saturday, and Sunday Kahuku High School Junior Wayne Stevenson died following a crash while jumping his dirt bike.

There is nothing to indicate the accidents are related. It appears to be coincidence that they occurred within a 36 hour period.

Vares told Hawaii News Now safety is the association's top priority. Just a month or so ago it hired specialists from the mainland to re-build the track.

"We brought this professional company called Schaefer Track builders. We told them we wanted a safer track. We didn't want people getting hurt as often and they came down. We paid them quite a lot of money and they re-did our whole track for us. (They) Made it wider, made the landings bigger for us. The response we got from the public was, the track was great. It was much safer," Vares said.

Vares was at the track when Stevenson took his fatal spill.

"My back was facing the track and the person I was talking to said, 'Oh, somebody just crashed.' And I turned around and we ran there and he was already lying on the ground and I lay down with him. I just tried to help him. I just tried to get him to come through and I just did whatever I could," Vares said.

The Honolulu Medical Examiner reports Stevenson suffered a lacerated aorta and died from internal bleeding.

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