Drivers feeling impact of pothole fill shortage

State Transportation Dept. Deputy Director Jadine Urasaki
State Transportation Dept. Deputy Director Jadine Urasaki

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Oahu's potholes aren't being filled as quickly as you might hope because of a shortage of pothole filler.

The state downshifted on fixing potholes on Oahu's freeways, state highways, and roads, because a huge quantity of pothole patch material was needed elsewhere.

Because of the amount of significant damage done to Kauai's highways most of the mixture the state uses to fill potholes has gone there.

"It was a matter of necessity and just making sure we can help get those residents on the North Shore, getting their roads open, so that they could commute, and get access, and get to their destination." said State Transportation Dept. Deputy Director Jadine Urasaki.

The patching compound comes from G-P Roadway Solutions. It's called "instant road repair."

The state sent an entire container's worth, about 860 50-pound buckets to Kauai.

So on Oahu supply dropped to only about 520 buckets and that has slowed down work on Oahu.

"Two to three small potholes will take one bucket, to give you a range of that. And, of course, one of the bigger ones that you see that takes up a lane will take a full bucket, maybe a bucket and a half," said Urasaki.

G-P Roadway Solutions says it has over a dozen pallets of the mix for Oahu on standby and another order ready to go. So the state pothole patchers should be back on a regular schedule next week.

"Weather permitting, you'll see them out on the H1 again. And then they'll start making their cycles around the island," said Urasaki.

If you want to report a pothole on a state highway call the state pothole report phone line at 536-7852.

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