Storm produces plenty of potholes

Maile Otis, Lex Brodie's Tire
Maile Otis, Lex Brodie's Tire
Sally Meyer
Sally Meyer

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The storm that brought hail, floods and a tornado has also left behind plenty of problems on the roads and chances are your car is feeling it.  Potholes have been revealing themselves all over Oahu.  The calm after the storm does not apply to potholes.

"We see our city or state filling up the potholes but after the rain comes it tends to wash it away," said Maile Otis, Lex Brodie's Tire.

Tire shops like Lex Brodie's see a bump in business after big storms because of the tire and alignment damage from potholes.

"When you hit a pothole it really can mess up a lot of your investment," said Otis.

"Having the potholes it makes it so much harder, you have to swerve around a lot more area on the road and it's a lot more dangerous. I don't even want to be on my moped now because you never know what's going to come up," said Sally Meyer, Manoa.

We went to Facebook to see where the worst potholes were.  One person wrote pot hole vs. sink hole, referring to a six inch deep monster on Kewalos Street in Makiki.

"That's probably the biggest pothole I've ever seen around here," said Kai Salus, as he stood next to the pothole.  "It sucks you know if it's night time too because it's hard to see.  Hit it and you can break your suspension or give you a flat tire."

A few other people pointed out the potholes on Bingham Street right as you exit H-1 freeway eastbound.

People on Facebook don't like Moanalua Road saying the "hole" road is bad. Another writes you practically need a goat to travel down this street.  Another said it's the worst road on the island.

"I noticed in Kaimuki alone the potholes up there are enormous," said Steven Meyer, who lives on Kauai, but routinely visits his daughter on Oahu.

Last week during the storm the city received 243 complaints about potholes.  The state took in another 81 reports.  Crews were busy fixing them around the island.  And we received 80 in just a few hours.

While the city and state weathers threw the list drive with caution to avoid those pothole problems.

If your car is damaged by potholes you could be eligible for a payout.  You'll have to file a claim and have as much proof as possible the damage was the city or states fault.

To file a damage claim with the City of Honolulu call 808-768-5193 and Corporation Counsel will send you a claim form. The City does not have a form online.

To report a pothole to repair with the City of Honolulu call 808-768-7777.

To file a damage claim with the State of Hawaii click here.

To report a pothole on a State road or highway call 808-536-7852.

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