Kids rally against smoking at State Capitol

Grady Sullivan
Grady Sullivan

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Dozens of kids from all over the state are taking on big tobacco companies in the "Youth Unite for Kick Butts Day Rally."  They gathered outside the state capitol to urge lawmakers to crack down on cigarette companies that go after the youth.

Today they did the "creep" disguising themselves in suits, masks and big noses to represent tobacco executives who target advertisements toward kids.

"The message we are trying to send with this is that the industries are constantly and consistently creeping in our local stores by trying to get around laws, trying to get around policies and put these ads into our stores especially where children can see them and we want to expose that because we know the industry is specifically targeting the youth," said Grady Sullivan, REAL: Hawaii Youth Movement.  "I'm sure a lot of the passion comes from personal experience. I've lost family members that I haven't been able to meet because of tobacco related illnesses."

The kids also showed off some cool dance moves and showed others it is cool to say no to cigarettes and tobacco.  They also passed out thousands of fliers against smoking.

"At first I just joined because it seemed cool but then I realized it really is impacting our youth and it's impacting all over the nation and if I could help start a change in a small place like Hawaii I'm sure other places will be able to start changes too," said Makeda Morris, REAL: Hawaii Youth Movement.

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