Big Island resident Jack Thompson reflects on losing home to advancing lava

Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson

ROYAL GARDENS (HawaiiNewsNow) - Big Island resident Jack Thompson is trying to figure out what to do next now that lava has claimed his Royal Gardens home.

The 61-year old took a helicopter ride to the deserted subdivision Saturday evening, a day after he evacuated.

After living there nearly 30 years, Thompson was the last one left.

He evacuated right before the fiery flow consumed his home, leaving only a tin roof and water catchment tank behind.

"It's like a funeral. Just trees here that I've grafted, and all of them were producing, and it doesn't look like any of them are gonna survive", said Jack Thompson.

Thompson had to hike roughly four miles each way to get supplies.

For now, he's staying at his other home in Ainaloa.