Frank B Shaner out at KUMU

Published: Dec. 27, 2011 at 11:48 PM HST|Updated: Dec. 28, 2011 at 1:22 AM HST
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Frank B Shaner
Frank B Shaner
Ron Jacobs
Ron Jacobs

By Brooks Baehr - bio | email

Popular radio personality Frank B Shaner has done his last show as host of the morning show on KUMU radio. Ohana Broadcast Company said it informed Shaner last week his contract was not being renewed.

"Frank will always be a dear friend and we wish him lots of aloha and certainly would bend over backwards to help him in his future. He's a great guy and a great talent," said Ohana Broadcast Company Director of Programming Rick Thomas.

"It's pau," Shaner told Hawaii News Now. "I just want to say 'aloha' to a lot of the people who tuned into the morning show and to say I miss you guys and maybe next time around we'll gather again by the microphone if I resurface in the near future," he added.

"After seven years it took, them about five minutes to say aloha. But that's just the nature of the beast when you work around radio don't you know. The people over there I worked for are terrific people. At this particular point in my life, we'll see what happens. There's a whole new realm, a whole new world out there that's starting to open up for me," Shaner said.

Shaner, who paints, will focus on his art for a while and continue to do comedy and MC work. He says Facebook is the best place to connect with him.

His departure is just the latest change in local radio. In October Mike Buck, Kutmaster Spaz, and Jimmy the Geek were among the on-air personalities cut when Clear Channel radio laid off hundreds of people nationwide. Clear Channel had accumulated huge debt while borrowing money to become the largest owner of radio stations in America. Its web site boasts the company operates 850 stations.

Radio stations face growing competition from Internet based music providers, music aps on mobile communication devices, and satellite based radio.

Thomas told Hawaii News Now that to survive in today's marketplace radio station employees must work harder and be smarter than ever.

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