Coming Up on Hawaii News Now Friday

Tonight on Hawaii News Now, we're going to talk a lot about Black Friday. Most of it good, but not all of it. We'll show you some wild video of shoppers in a "free for all" in Pearl City as they fought over merchandise at Wal-Mart there. Minna Sugimoto was the scene of an early morning Black Friday "smash-and-grab" burglary at a store in Waianae.

Also tonight, Jim Mendoza reports on the company in charge of building the cars for Honolulu's huge rail project as it answers some tough questions about its finances.

Also, how a Hawaii News Now camera person may have saved the life of a motorists in a burning vehicle.

And Guy Hagi tells us if our weather will continue to be as good as it was yesterday. These stories and more when you join Stephanie Lum and me for Hawaii News Now. Hope to see you then!


Shawn Ching