Abercrombie called 'most unpopular Governor in America'

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - According to Public Policy Polling (PPP), Neil Abercrombie has assumed the dubious distinction of 'most unpopular Governor in the country.'

PPP, a Democratic Party-affiliated polling firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina says only 30% of voters now approve of Abercrombie to 56% disapproving. That represents a 33 point decline in his net approval since March.

PPP says that Independents and Republicans are universal in their disapproval of Abercrombie. The significant number is with Democrats, 43% give him good marks while 39% dissent.

PPP surveyed 568 Hawaii voters by phone from October 13 to 16. The margin of error for the survey is +/-4.1%.

In a news release PPP says, "I think Abercrombie's issues might be part of the reason for Linda Lingle's image resurgence over the last six months. Folks who might have burned out on her by the end of her time in office may now be looking at her in comparison to their feelings about Abercrombie and coming to the conclusion that she wasn't so bad."

According to the polling the approval ratings in Hawaii have dropped for other key political figures. President Obama is down 15 points since March to 56%. Sen. Daniel Akaka is down 10 points to 48% and Sen. Daniel Inouye is down 7 points to 62%. However, PPP says Sen. Inouye is still in a three-way tie for the second most popular of 87 senators on which PPP has polled.

Public Policy Polling also discussed Republicans Duke Aiona and Charles Djou, saying Aiona and Djou enjoy a 42% approval rating. "It's impressive for any GOP politician to have positive numbers in a state as blue as Hawaii. Both have very strong numbers with Republicans and independents, as well as a decent amount of appeal to Democrats."

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