I don't enjoy playing the role of spoilsport or killjoy, but I have to say that to me PIRATES OF THE CARRIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES" is a noisy mess. Its only real attraction is Johnny Depp and even his goofy performance starts to wear thin before the end of this bloated 200 million dollar disaster.
The best I can say for the fourth PIRATES film is that anyone who liked the previous three will probably enjoy this one. I saw and liked the first, hated the second, and skipped the third. The consensus among critics who've seen all four is that at least this fourth version is better than the third.
I enjoyed the 3D effects and the good humored action of the first twenty minutes or so of ON STRANGER TIDES, but after that I completely lost interest. The fight sequences are poorly choreographed, repetitive, and often too dark to see clearly. Plus, the story about a race to find the Fountain of Youth is so ridiculous that it wastes the acting talents of Geoffrey Rush and Penelope Cruz.
If you're just looking for a good time at the movies. BRIDESMAIDS IS much better choice. This box office hit is a hilarious romantic comedy starring Saturday Night Live's Kristen Wiig who co-wrote the script. Kristin plays Annie, a woman in her thirties who's had a run of very bad luck in work and relationships. She's sleeping with a man who's just using her (MADMEN's Jon Hamm), and she's forty grand in debt from a failed bakery business. Plus, she's had to rent out part of her place to some very weird house mates.
After she becomes her best friend Lillian's maid of honor, Annie feels even worse about her own life, and she compound her misery by trying to compete with Lillian's wealthy new friend, Helen who constantly looks down her nose at Annie.
BRIDESMAIDS was produced by Judd Apatow, and it offers a fair amount of the kind of raunchy humor you'd expect from the guy behind "Knocked Up" and "The Forty Year Old Virgin."
But for anyone not offended by the occasional gross-out jokes, BRIDEMAIDS could prove to be a sweet, entertaining, delightful escape.