Aloha Air Cargo Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

HONOLULU - (HawaiiNewsNow) The spirit of Aloha Airlines lives on it's once former cargo operations. And now, Aloha Air Cargo is celebrating 3 years of moving the majority of Hawaii's Interisland air freight, which includes all kinds of unique things. Our Ramsay Wharton is live from the airport this morning, checking out their operations.

For more information on shipping with Aloha Air Cargo, check out their website:

About Aloha Air Cargo (

Following the shutdown of iconic Aloha Airlines passenger service in March 2008, there was uncertainty surrounding the continued operation of the cargo division. Today, as an independent cargo-carrier owned by Saltchuk Resources, Aloha Air Cargo has reinvented itself inside and out, emerging stronger than ever before.

A trendsetter in the shipping and transportation industry, Aloha Air Cargo has nearly 350 dedicated employees, a revitalized new brand, and a variety of customer-driven services. The spirit of Aloha lives on at Aloha Air Cargo as it reaches new business heights, while increasing its commitment to the welfare of Hawaii and strengthening its local economy.

The brand statement "We are Aloha. We move Hawaii." was born from the promise that is delivered daily to its customers. The promise was not only one of on-time, safe, cargo delivery, but the delivery of the Aloha spirit in every encounter with an Aloha agent. It is a personal affirmation by every Aloha employee to themselves and the public that they ARE "Aloha," channeling the dedicated, personal touch that kama'aina remember of the beloved passenger service from decades past. "We move Hawaii," speaks of the pride in the vital service Aloha Air Cargo provides to the State and Hawaii commerce. It is also a statement of ownership that Aloha "moves" all the goods and daily necessities among the Island state that depend on it. Finally, it is a commitment that as a company, Aloha will continue to be a fixture in Hawaii for decades to come, serving the communities they live and work within.