Local Connection: What we are really like in crisis?

By Rick Blangiardi

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Everybody was glad they got bin Laden.

But did you notice how people felt uncomfortable about their excitement?

Reaction to the Obama administration catching bin Laden was also encouraging.

Republicans mostly thanked Obama - Democrats mostly gave Bush some credit.

Widespread bipartisan sentiment is always welcome.

Did you see that report about US gasoline consumption? It's down.

At a time of high gas prices, we're taking responsibility for our own gas bills, and driving less.

We're not just demanding that somebody else do something about it.

Have you lost count of the Japan relief event?

Hawaii residents have given millions, and they're still giving.

From bin Laden to gas prices to Japan relief, our collective behavior lately has been determined, responsible and charitable.

At a time when reality shows portray us as moronic and selfish, it's nice to see so many reminders of what we're really like.

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