HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Tristain comes from one of those families who tried something different. He was on ritalin for five years. It helped him focus. But he also became withdrawn.

Tristain's dad says, "When he began the prescription medication, he went into himself, was very closed off from the rest of the world."

In 2009, tristain's parents took him to koloa chiropractor kerry dillberg, who suspected that kinks in the young man's spine were affecting his nerves.

Tristain stopped taking the medicine and got on a new holistic program, complete with a new diet, trying to completely cut out sugar.

'"Well, since I've been off the medication, its been a whole lot better feel a lot more energetic," says Tristain.

His dad says that he started to engage a lot more, and came out of his reclusiveness. Tristain had more confidence and started driving.

Tristain is not only behind the wheel. These days Tristain is active at church and boy scouts and even has an eye on college.

"Yeah and its huge just to see your child go out and be with other kids. Everyone thinks that's normal but it's not for some kids, some kids just can't do it," says Tristain's mom.