Cheap Eats: Izakaya Tairyo

HONOLULU (KFVE) – Russ and Lyle head down to a restaurant that's hard to miss. If you're driving along Piikoi, look for the big, red fish and you'll find yourself at Izakaya Tairyo, this week's Cheap Eats.

As Bryan Hirano from downtown said, "We work across the street and we kind of noticed this new restaurant coming up so we figured we'd give it a try."

And once in the door, you'll notice right away, this is not your run of the mill eatery. Nestled on the corner of Piikoi and Hopaka, Izakaya Tairyo is a classic Japanese-style restaurant with a great menu offering. Items like the salmon don or the maguro don with fresh-cut fish on a bed of rice are under $10.

If you're looking for something a little heartier you can try one of their set meals, like the grilled pork or karaage chicken. The set meals come with rice and vegetable sides along with miso soup and green salad. You won't leave hungry!

"I got tempura udon, we got some shrimp in here, some vegetables in here, some noodles and it's got some real good flavor in the soup base," says Dan Gillum from Waipahu.

With the diverse menu offering, and great atmosphere, Izakaya Tairyo is the place to go for top-of-the-line cheap eats!

Izakaya Tairyo
514 Piikoi Street