Horizontal Therapy reverses Osteoporosis

HONOLULU, Oahu (HawaiiNewsNow) - Do you have constant pain? Do you need to take medication daily? Have you tried everything?

Donny Osmond was on the treatment throughout his stint on Dancing with the Stars. This could be your answer too.

But first we're putting Hakomed Horizontal Therapy to the test. Six patients were randomly selected to undergo the therapy live on Sunrise.

We hooked them up in the first segment and asked them for their honest opinion in our second segment.

Hakomed has donated two machines to Tripler Army Medical Center so veterans can have access to the new technology. The machines will be debuted this week.

See video to the right to see the results and learn more.

Segment Note: I made a mistake when introducing the first segment. I said it reverses osteoarthritis but what I meant to say was osteoporosis. My apologies. ~Malika

Hakomed Horizontal Therapy


Tripler Hospital - starting this week

Dr. Jeffrey Lee's office - 1314 King Street, 15th floor

Dr. Michael Lee's office

Covered by Medicare and other insurance companies.

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