Car and home break-ins put Kalaeloa neighborhood on edge

Phil Rubianes
Phil Rubianes

By Ben Gutierrez - bio | email

KALAELOA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Orion Drive is part of the old military housing on what used to be Barbers Point Naval Air Station. It looks safe and secure, but that security has been shattered for some of its residents after a series of break-ins.

Phil Rubianes' home was burglarized on January 28, just two weeks after he and his family moved in. The thieves entered through a backyard gate, and then broke into the house through a sliding glass door. Rubianes said the burglars seemed to know what to take.

"They took my PlayStation 3, but left the PlayStation games," Rubianes said. "My kids backpacks were sitting right here on the (living room) floor. They had time to take out all of their homework that was in it, and took the backpacks.

Rubianes is now suspicious of any strangers near their home, including maintenance men and yard workers.

"We're pretty much all working adults here, and the kids are off at school, so they know what time we leave" said Rubianes. "I think they know what we have in the house."

Two weeks after Rubianes' home was burglarized, thieves broke into another home half a block away. Photos taken immediately after the burglary by the tenants show how every room in the home was ransacked. The burglars took, among other things, a 40-inch flat screen television.

The three tenants of that home wished to remain anonymous.

"We don't have anything in the house anymore," one of the tenants said. "If they come again in here, there's not much for them to take anymore that's worth it."

The leasing agent put in more locks and sensor lights at that home, and has started a neighborhood watch program.

Rubianes has installed an expensive alarm system.

But the crime continues. Rubianes said thieves also attempted to break into his next-door neighbor's home a few days ago, and several cars on the block have been broken into as well.

The residents want more security, especially during the day. "We asked for the security guards that patrol at night to switch their schedule to patrol during the day," Rubianes said.

Hawaii News Now tried to contact the leasing agent, but their offices were closed on Sunday.

The tenants wanted to move out, but were told they could not break their leases. However, once those leases end, they said they will leave the neighborhood.

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