Tonight at Ten: Dancing Lions, Landfill Rules & What's That Sign?

Happy 'Aloha Friday'!

If you aren't out on the town tonight we invite you to get a taste of the action on Hawaii's most-watched 10 o'clock news.

Look for fireworks and dancing lions at the top of the hour as Ben Gutierrez takes us to the 'I Love Chinatown Festival.'

Also, Oahu's only public landfill is back open with one big caveat:  the public isn't allowed.  We'll let the mayor explain that one.

And, what's that sign?  We think you'll be asking the same thing right around 10:15 when we show you the latest cultural project in Windward Oahu.

All that plus librarians versus Pro Bowl fans.  Yikes!

Hope to see you at 10.