‘The Brothers Cazimero: At Home in the Islands' premiers Thursday on KGMB

Robert and Roland Cazimero
Robert and Roland Cazimero

By Terry Hunter - email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Brothers Cazimero have recorded 37 albums in the past 35 years and have performed everywhere from backyards to Carnegie Hall. A new special about their lives and music premiers Thursday at 9:00 PM on KGMB.

The pair grew up in a large musical family. As young students at Kamehameha Schools, they performed with their family's band several nights a week.

Roland describes his life as a child: "It's a kind of funny life I had. I went to school in the morning. I came home in the afternoon. I did my homework, ate something, got dressed, got in the car and went to work and got home maybe about 11 o'clock, sometimes after midnight."

Robert started learning the piano when he was in the third grade. Roland first studied the bass and later the guitar.

In the late 1960's they joined Peter Moon in his group, The Sunday Manoa. The special includes some rare footage of the group performing in Waikiki in 1971, and the brothers explain how Sunday Manoa came to an abrupt end in 1975.

That ending led to another beginning. Producer-manager John de Mello took the brothers to Kauai to record "Hoala", the first of their many successful albums as a duo.

In the special friends and family members describe Robert as focused and disciplined. They say Roland is more of a free spirit. Robert is a long time kumu hula. Roland doesn't do hula, but he too is a teacher. He gives guitar lessons.

The two are very different people, but they don't let their differences interfere with their performances. "We decided early on," Roland explains," that everything personal you leave at the door.

Another highlight: clips of the brothers' May Day concert in 1977, the first of 30 annual May Day events in the Waikiki shell.

You'll also see the brothers in the Monarch Room of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel where they performed for a dozen years.

Robert: "Whether you're going to play at Carnegie Hall or in Sam Kapu's garage off Kapahulu, it's the product and the talent and the love that you bring that makes that place a Mercedes or Carnegie Hall. It really doesn't matter about all the damn accoutrements. It's what you feel and what you bring to that moment."

"The Brothers Cazimero: At Home in the Islands" premiers this Thursday evening September 9 at 9:00 pm on KGMB. It will air again on Saturday, September 11, also at 9:00 PM.

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