Mokulua Islands

Published: Jun. 5, 2003 at 9:09 PM HST|Updated: Apr. 12, 2011 at 6:57 PM HST
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Need an escape? That fantasy destination may be closer than you think. Iin fact, it's right in our own backyard. They're the magical Mokulua Islands. The twin isles are just a mile and half away from Kailua Beach Park and they're just one reason we're so Lucky to Live Kailua.

Armed with a paddle and a sense of adventure we head out to our destination - the Mokulua Islands. Our guide is Matt Stevens, he's made a living giving tours for 2 Good Kayaks.

"It's a secret spot, I just like showing people," says Matt.

Matt and long time friend, Eric Lim, spent much of their childhood exploring the mokes just east of Kailua Beach.

"We'd bring coolers, with drinks, Matt would bring a stove and cook breakfast, and watch the sunrise come up," says Eric.

On this day, the conditions are picture perfect - you can see Molokai in the distance. The water so calm, it's like gliding on ice. And so glassy, you don't need a mask to see the bottom of the ocean floor.

The Mokulua's are made up of two islands, Moku Iki on the left, Moku Nui on the right - the only island people are allowed to visit.

"For me, it's just that you get away from Oahu, even you know it's only a half mile," says Matt.

Meet the locals here...Wedgetail Shearwater birds. The island is a protected bird sanctuary, their homes go all the way up the slope facing Lanikai Beach.

"You can tell that their nests are real real fragile, crush right through."

We're able to get around the island with ease but Matt says it isn't always this easy.

"You'll get swells coming up over these rocks, you really got to be careful, because you get pulled into the water here waves could just keep coming and slamming you into the island," says Matt.

But with common sense and curiosity as their compass, the two have stumbled on some hidden treasures. At the back of the island is Shark's Cove, one of their favorite spots.

"When the swells come in and when they fall it really looks like the cove is breathing," says Matt.

It's a picture of serenity where you can snorkle and explore depths of 25 feet.

"It's so peaceful. There's nothing like sitting on the back on the island, and having no one around," says Eric.

It's a truly unique experience, a place that seems a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and yet it's just a kayak ride away.

"People leave with a sense of 'I worked for this, I created an adventure today.'" says Matt.

Each experience is unlike the one before. Just one more reason why we're so Lucky to Live Hawaii.

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