A Short History Of Kaimuki

Published: May. 28, 2003 at 8:33 PM HST|Updated: Apr. 12, 2011 at 6:57 PM HST
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Red dirt, and lots of hills. It took some coaxing to get people to move there and put Kaimuki on the map. And today it remains one of Honolulu's oldest bedroom communities. Kaimuki is the focus of this week's Lucky You Live Hawaii.

One of the best ways to experience Kaimuki is to ride the trolley and get a personalized tour from long time resident Ginny Meade.

"It was the first large subdivision outside of Honolulu. There was nothing here. Kaimuki really was nothing but hilly rocky dairy farms before it was developed. Hot, dry, red dirt and it was all developed around Puu o Kaimuki, the hill behind the fire station," says  Ginny Meade.

In 1898 two businessmen bought 520 acres of land for 20,000 dollars in hopes of turning Kaimuki into a high class residential area. House lots were sold for 400 to 600 dollars each but few were buying.

"People were offered 50 dollars for every baby born in Kaimuki just so they would move here."

It wasn't until roads were put in that people and businesses started coming. Along Willhemina Rise, land sold for eight cents a square foot, nine cents for corner lots.

Kaimuki hasn't changed much over the years. Harry's Music has been here since 1946. You'll find musicians jamming and people searching for their favorite songs.

Kaimuki Dry Goods has been serving customers for 76 years with one of the largest selections of fabric in the state.

"St. Patrick Church and Sacred Hearts were here long before there were any paved roads," says Ginny.

As you head down the hill and get closer to Honolulu you'll find more of the businesses that serve the community.

"We developed and continue to develop old and new businesses really small, mixed in with the residents. It's really a marvelous mix. It's a true neighborhood."

It's Kaimuki - abig part of Honolulu for more than a hundred years and just one more reason you are so Lucky You Live Hawaii.

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