Parenting, 10/14: Halloween safety tips

(KHNL) - With tricks and treats just around the corner, we have some special guests -- Alina Allawala from MyGym Hawaii, and Elmo. They're here to share some timely tips for keeping all of your spooks safe this Halloween.

  • Choose a safe, bright costume. Make sure that your child's costume, including wigs or beards, is flame resistant, and ad some relfective tape or stickers to the front and back.
  • Masks can make it difficult for kids to see and breathe. Consider using non-toxic make-up instead.
  • Inspect treats before your kids eat them, especially if your child has food allergies. Also, consider limiting your little one's candy intake. You'd be surprised by the amount of sugar, fat and calories in a single snack-sized candy bar.
  • Don't forget to rehydrate when you get back from trick or treating. There are cute glasses available at They're not breakable, made from steel and hand-painted in The Himalayas.