Live video from your cell phone using

(KHNL) - This past April PC World chose as one of the top 10 websites that will matter in 2009. It's not just a website but a program that installs onto your cell phone that lets you stream live video to the web site from wherever you are. It's also interactive, allowing you to receive comments about your video in real time while recording.

Since their initial beta launch in July of last year, Qik users have streamed video from over 160 countries and have broadcast everything from a baby's birth in South America to the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery. You've probably already heard of celebrity Ashton Kutcher's activity on Twitter. Well, he's also one of the most prominent users of Qik taking regular video snippets as he goes about his life.

One final interesting feature of Qik is how it can connect to other 3rd party networks such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. For example, when you start a video stream on your phone, a tweet can be sent to your Twitter account. Those people following you on Twitter then know to tune in.

In addition to all of these live features, everything you record is saved to your Qik account and can be downloaded to your computer. It's a great way to take video for yourself and then view or send it to friends later. supports over 128 cell phones, from Nokia, Blackberry to Windows Mobile devices and the list of supported devices have been growing. It's free, practical and a great way to share your life with the world.