Shark Byte

A plan to have tourists watch sharks feed while being housed in cages a few miles off of Koko Marina has been quashed for now.  Throwing food into the water to attract a predator as a recreational pursuit just has the sound of a bad new story waiting to happen, doesn't it?  And whether it's three-miles offshore or anywhere around our islands that might encourage behavior changes among Mother Nature's creatures, it seems like there must be better and safer ways to earn a buck and entertain people.

On the other hand, safely removing some of the sharks and predators that have been hanging around Chinatown and Pauahi Street and putting them in a different kind of a cage, away from the general public, now that's a venture that makes sense and appears to be a priority for the City of Honolulu right now.

But getting back to commercial activities off shore around these islands, it has been an accepted mandate of most entrepreneurs that they will work in conjunction with one another, and respect the land, the ocean, and the creatures- both human and non-human, in whatever activities they provide.  This goes for every day surfers, paddleboarders, jet skiers, fish enthusiasts, and even commercial ventures.  Any future ocean-related activities must also continue to make this a priority.  Think about it...