10 Best Business Checking Accounts - Ultimate Guide

10 Best Business Checking Accounts - Ultimate Guide
10 Best Business Checking Accounts - Ultimate Guide

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When you're responsible for the financial well-being of a small or medium-sized firm, you've got a lot on your plate. In order to keep tabs on ever-changing stock levels, issue payments to freelancers and suppliers, process electronic and non-digital payment methods, and issue invoices, modern company owners need more than simply a bank account.

We compiled this comprehensive guide to the best small business checking accounts with online and in-person banking options after researching and evaluating hundreds of options. While determining the best accounts, we took into consideration a wide variety of criteria, such as invoicing availability, payment options, fees, and interest rates.



Best Small Business Checking Accounts

  • Bluevine – Best Checking Account Overall
  • Novo – Best Low-Fee Business Bank Account 
  • Axos – Best Full-service Online Bank Account 
  • Capital One – Best for Unlimited Transactions
  • Bank of America – Best for Traditional Banking 
  • American Express – Best for Membership Rewards
  • Lili – Best for One-Person Businesses 
  • U.S. Bank – Best for Lending Options
  • Oxygen – Best for Freelancers
  • Chase Business – Best Bank Account for Merchant Service

To determine a list of the best small business banks for Hawaii, several aspects must be considered. Monthly maintenance costs, transaction fees, minimum balance requirements, interest rates, account features, and customer service are all examples of things that might affect your account. A business owner may choose the ideal account for their company by weighing the above criteria.

The best way to rate the best online business checking accounts is to compile data from many different sources. This might involve checking bank websites and account conditions, reading customer reviews and ratings, and talking with financial specialists. A company owner may choose the most suitable account for his or her requirements by doing extensive study on the subject and evaluating several options.

Bank Fees Interest Rates Lending Options Rewards Additional Features Customer Service
Bluevine Business Checking $4.95 for cash deposits, $15 for outgoing wires Up to 2.0% APY Up to $250,000 line of credit None Cash deposits, online payments, multiple sub accounts Excellent
Novo Business Checking $27 overdraft fee $0% APY No lending options Up to $5,000 in online perks Reserve accounts, invoice tracking, virtual debit card Excellent
Axos Bank $35 for outgoing wire transfers 0% APY Loans and lines of credit starting at $10 million Up to $200 sign-on bonus ATM reimbursements, first 50 checks free, Quickbooks integration Excellent
Capital One Basic Checking Account $15 monthly service fee, $15 per incoming domestic wire, $25 for outgoing domestic wire 0% APY Loans and lines of credit up to $5 million None Unlimited digital transfers, overdraft coverage, $5,000 in free cash deposits Excellent
Bank of America Business Advantage Fundamentals Banking $16 monthly service fee 0% APY Loans and lines of credit from $10,000 None Integrates with Zelle payment app, business services Good
American Express Business Checking $20 for outgoing domestic wires 0% APY Loans and lines of credit starting at $10 million Up to $200 sign-on bonus ATM reimbursements, first 50 checks free, Quickbooks integration Good
Lili Business Checking $2.50 for out of network domestic ATMs, $5 for international 0% APY No lending options Cash back with debit card Tax optimization software, fast enrollment, smart mobile banking Good
U.S. Bank Silver Business Checking $0.50 fee for transactions after the first 125, fees at out of network ATMs 0% APY Many types of loans and lines of credit up to $12 million None $2,500 of free cash deposits, 50% discount on first check order Good
Oxygen Business Checking No monthly maintenance fees, possible out-of-network and international fees 1.0% APY in attached savings account No lending options 5% cash back from various merchants LLC creation assistance Good
Chase Business Complete Banking $15 monthly service fee 0% APY Loans and lines of credit up to $500,000 $300 sign-on bonus, up to $750 in cash back $5,000 in no-fee cash deposits, waived savings account fee, long list of business services Good




Bluevine: Best Online Business Checking Account Overall

Star rating: 4.9/5

Although it's common for the best online business checking accounts to have no fees and allow for an unlimited number of transactions, Bluevine takes things a step further with its free high-yield business account. One of the highest interest rates for business checking accounts is 2.00%, which is what Bluevine pays on balances up to $100,000. Bluevine account customers have the option of making cash deposits, although at a cost, unlike other online-only accounts.

Bluevine, a fintech startup, has been around since 2013, but it was only in 2019 that it started providing business checks. Coastal Community Bank is the institution's banking partner; deposits with the bank are guaranteed by the FDIC for up to $250,000.

Why we chose it: Because of its user-friendliness, low fees, and high-interest rate, Bluevine is among the best small business checking accounts today.


  • Balances up to $100,000 get an above-average annual percentage rate
  • No fees for overdrafts, ACH, inbound wires, or minimum balance
  • Instantly lock and unlock your Bluevine Debit Mastercard®
  • Integrate with Stripe, Expensify, PayPal for endless transactions


  • Only on the Internet (not great if you prefer in-person banking)
  • No cash back on non-network ATM withdrawals


When compared to the other best business bank accounts, Bluevine has almost no fees. There’s no charge for overdrafts or inbound wires, and no monthly fees are imposed on account holders. Each time you send money in or out, you'll be charged $15.

Interest Rates

Interest on a business checking account may reach 2.0% if two specific criteria are met. The minimum monthly requirement for the Bluevine Business Debit Mastercard is $500 in purchases or $2,500 in client payments. Interest is paid up to a maximum of $100,000, beyond which point it’s zero percent.


While Bluevine does not provide traditional lending services, a business line of credit may be obtained and used any way the owner sees proper. With lines reaching up to $250,000 and decisions coming in as little as 5 minutes. There are no monthly service charges, and you'll earn interest solely on the funds that you actually withdraw. At the present moment, rates may be obtained for as little as 4.8%.


Bluevine's 2.0% APY is a substantial bonus. But, there are currently no bonuses available for opening the best online business checking account.

Additional Features

Whether you have a Bluevine account or a credit card, you may use ACH, a check, or a wire transfer to pay your expenses. There’s no monthly transaction limit on how many times you may use the online bank. Several sub-accounts enable you to deposit money into separate containers, which is useful for organizing and monitoring financial transactions.



Novo – Best Low-Fee Business Bank Account

Star rating: 4.8/5

Novo business checking is a wonderful alternative for mobile small company owners because of its lack of monthly fees, unrestricted reimbursement of ATM costs, and emphasis on digital banking. Novo's ability to directly link with other leading business tools, in addition to its own integrated invoicing solution, makes it a strong contender for centralized billing and account management.

Despite Novo's emphasis on the web, the company is unable to process cash deposits, a need for many organizations. Yet, several rivals let customers make deposits using a web-based business checking account.

Why we chose it: In particular, Novo's almost nonexistent cost structure will appeal to small firms. Novo is an excellent option for a startup's banking needs.


  • No monthly fees or minimum balance required
  • No limits on transactions, no incoming/outgoing wire fees
  • All ATM costs, wherever they may be, are reimbursed
  • Send free paper checks, pay limitless bills online
  • Compatible with QuickBooks, Xero, Stripe, Shopify
  • Special pricing on business software and services


  • No local wire transfers, international available via Wise integration
  • Unfortunately, bill pay does not support recurring payments at this time
  • There’s a $27 fine for returned checks with insufficient money or monies that were not collected


You’ll have to look pretty hard to find fees with Novo, but they do exist. You may get a free checking account with no monthly service costs at this online bank, and they will reimburse your ATM fees anywhere in the globe. If you keep a close eye on your account balance, you won't have to worry about the overdraft charge of $27 ever again.

Interest Rates

Money in Novo's business checking account won't earn any interest. There’s also nowhere to put spare cash to grow.


Novo does not provide any kind of loan service or credit line. Some people could be okay with this, but others who are in desperate need of financial stability will have to find elsewhere.


When you use Novo, you may take advantage of the discounts and special offers available from a number of other business applications with which it has partnered. With a Novo checking account, you can save 30% on the vast HubSpot library of business products, for example. It's possible to economize as much as $4,000, depending on the program you pick.

Additional Features

Delivering and monitoring bills are made simple through a well-designed dashboard. Rather than carrying around a traditional debit card, you may use a digital version with your preferred mobile payment app to make purchases online or in-store. Using Novo Reserves, you may set aside funds for certain purposes, such as paying bills or saving up for a major undertaking.



Axos – Best Full-service Online Checking Account

Star rating: 4.61/5

In March 2022, Axos Bank announced significant changes to its business checking offerings, including the addition of cash deposits for all accounts, the elimination of transaction limitations, and the elimination of initial deposit requirements for its free business checking account.

These updates expand upon current amenities including round-the-clock customer service, no ATM surcharges in most of the country, and refunds for all domestic ATM fees.

Axos Bank has two primary business checking accounts: the Basic Business Checking Account and the Business Interest Checking Account, which may earn interest of up to 1.01% APY. When you keep at least $5,000 in your interest checking account each day, the monthly charge of $10 is eliminated.

Axos Bank is a direct provider of all business banking products and services, unlike the other best online business checking accounts whose banking services are provided and guaranteed by other financial institutions.

Although both accounts are covered here, the star rating refers only to the Axos Basic Business Checking account.

Why we chose it: Axos Simple Business Checking is one of the best online business checking accounts available due to its minimal fees and no minimum deposit requirement.


  • Unlimited shopping with no recurring costs
  • No limit on refunds for domestic ATM fees
  • Money may be deposited via MoneyPass and AllPoint ATMs
  • Freebies for new clients (terms apply)
  • Assistance for clients around the clock


  • There are no outside app plug-ins allowed
  • Probing for Intrigue APY is OK, but not fantastic


No monthly maintenance fee or minimum balance are required to keep your Axos Bank Basic Business Checking account active. You may use this account without paying anything. Since monthly ATM costs are reimbursed. Be warned that Axos levies a $35 fee for every wire transfer made.

Interest Rates

The interest rate on this account is zero every year, and instead, the funds are used to provide benefits for corporate usage. Everyone who has some spare cash lying around may put it to good use by opening a business savings account with Axos and earning interest on their funds.


Axos provides its users with access to a variety of credit and loan choices. One example of a strict qualification is a two-year minimum of professional experience in the relevant field. Given that the lowest possible loan amount is $10 million, this is to be expected.


Right now, new company owners who open an Axos checking account get a $200 incentive. Axos is offering a $100 bonus to any company, regardless of how long they've been in operation, just for creating a new account.

Additional Features

While Axos recognizes over 91,000 ATMs throughout the nation as in-network, customers are eligible for fee refund if they use an ATM that’s not in-network. The first two monthly wire transactions are reimbursed by the online bank. In terms of finances, Axos's compatibility with Quickbooks makes it a useful tool.



Capital One – Best for Unlimited Transactions

Star rating: 4.7/5

Capital One is a major, mostly online bank that offers a wide variety of services, including checking and savings accounts for both individuals and businesses. It doesn't cost your business anything to open an account, but if the balance in your account falls below a certain point each month, you'll be charged a maintenance fee.

The annual percentage yield (APY) on its Business Savings Account is 0.2% per month, while the APY on checking accounts is 0%. Overdrafts, certain wire transactions, and a certain percentage of cash deposits are exempt from fees at Capital One.

The service's ability to facilitate limitless free digital transactions is particularly noteworthy. Each month, you may transfer as much money as you want to anybody you choose.

Why we chose it: Capital One does not impose any restrictions on electronic transactions, so you may keep your money going as usual.


  • Funds may be accessed the next business day
  • Free access to domestic cables in your house
  • Unlimited monthly deals for high-volume businesses
  • Prepaid debit cards for companies at no cost
  • Paying with cash for nothing


  • High minimum balance for less than $10M yearly revenue
  • Reduced number of actual places
  • There’s currently no rate of interest offered


A monthly cost of $15 is assessed for maintaining a Capital One Basic Business Checking account, however, the bank will waive this fee if your average balance in the account for the previous 30 or 90 days is at least $2,000. Wire transfers are subject to costs on both ends, however, electronic transfers are free of charge.

Interest Rates

This account won't earn you any interest, but that extra cash may be put to better use elsewhere. Transferring those assets over to one of Capital One’s fixed deposits will enable it to produce some yearly income.


Capital One provides a wide variety of loan products that may help your company succeed. You must be in business for at least two years and have a business checking account open to qualify. There’s a wide variety of available loans and lines of credit amounts, with a maximum of $5 million for each.


Joining Capital One won't let you have any perks on its own, but applying for one of their credit cards might alter your mind. There are a number of options, so you should be able to discover a rewards credit card that works well for your company.

Additional Features

You may send money from your bank account to another bank account in any country on the planet with unlimited digital transactions. Overdraft protection and free monthly deposits of up to $5,000 in cash are just two of the many benefits of Capital One's Basic Business Checking account.



Bank of America – Best for Traditional Banking

Star rating: 4.67/5

With three account opening options, a large maximum cash deposit, and no fees for electronic transactions, Bank of America's business checking distinguishes out from its national and regional brick-and retail competition.

Both the Business Advantage FundamentalsTM Banking and the Business Advantage Relationship Banking checking accounts are available from Bank of America for small businesses. Despite the fact that both accounts are included in this evaluation, only the Business Advantage FundamentalsTM account was evaluated and given a star rating.

Bank of America's business accounts is a good choice for small company owners that value both online and in-person banking because of the bank's 4,200 branches in 37 states and Washington, DC.

Why we chose it: With thousands of branches and a wide range of convenient services, Bank of America has all the hallmarks of a conventional financial institution.


  • High cash deposit thresholds
  • All electronic money transfers are free forever
  • Your choice of opening an account online, via phone, or in person
  • The convenience of using any of Bank of America's 16,00 ATMs or 4,200 physical branch locations
  • Mobile banking, cash-flow monitor, bill pay, mobile deposit included in Business Advantage 360


  • There’s no cost-free business checking account available
  • Expenses add up quickly
  • ATM usage fee is $2.50 in US, $5 outside plus possible owner fee


Bank of America is a legitimate financial institution that provides a variety of banking services and has its own set of fees. The featured course, Business Advantage Basics, requires a $16 monthly investment unless you fulfill one of the conditions listed below.

To qualify, you must maintain a minimum combined average monthly amount of $5,000 or make transactions of $250 or more each month using your debit card.

Interest Rates

There’s no APY on Bank of America’s Business Advantage Basics checking account. Although it only costs $10 per month to create a business savings account, the monies held therein earn only 0.01% in interest. Learn more in our detailed tutorial on setting up a bank account for your company.


If you want a loan or line of credit from Bank of America, you'll need to show that your firm meets certain income and credit criteria. There’s a $10,000 minimum for both plans, and you may take out more money whenever you need it. The amount you pay each month is contingent on your current balance.


There are no perks to joining Bank of America that you may expect to get. Having access to over 4,300 physical locations around the nation in addition to banking online provides a great deal of convenience and adaptability.

Additional Features

Bank of America has the resources to back up its claim that it’s a sizable financial institution. The bank's size and widespread presence (4,300 locations) provide you peace of mind. The bank collaborates with Zelle to facilitate instantaneous payments and transfers, and it offers a variety of services tailored to the needs of businesses.



American Express – Best for Membership Rewards

Star rating: 4.65/5

In October 2021, American Express entered a market dominated by lesser-known banks and fintech startups with the introduction of their totally digital American Express Business Checking account. At the moment, only Amex cardholders may open an account.

Overdrafts, stop-payment requests, and inbound wire transfers are all included free of charge with the free business checking account, keeping it competitive with other online accounts. Nonetheless, American Express Business Checking surpasses its competitors by providing round-the-clock human assistance, a favorable interest rate, and a sizable initial deposit bonus.

Customers may fill their accounts at no cost using any of the 37,000+ MoneyPass ATMs nationwide or by mobile check deposit (iPhones only). By utilizing an ATM that’s not part of your network, you can't make deposits and may be charged a fee.

Why we chose it: American Express gives you a great return on your deposits and even rewards you for making purchases with their point system.


  • There’s no required initial deposit or monthly cost
  • No overdraft or transaction fees; unlimited transactions
  • Balances up to $500,000 get 1.30% APY
  • Assistance for clients around the clock


  • No longer able to make deposits of cash
  • iOS is the only platform that supports the mobile check deposit app
  • Limited to American Express cardholders only


The only domestic wires for which American Express charges a fee are those made out of the country, and even those are rather cheap. Neither a monthly service charge nor non-sufficient-funds fees nor any other fees associated with incoming payments will be assessed.

Interest Rates

The annual percentage yield (APY) on American Express credit cards is now 1.3%, which is 43% higher than the average deposit rate. Up to $500,000 earns interest, but any further sum will not.


Anyone in need of a small business loan or line of credit may get one via Kabbage Finance, which is a service offered by American Express. Your company must have been operational for at least a year, be bringing in at least $3,000 monthly in sales, and have a FICO score of at least 640 to qualify. 

As of right now, Kabbage users who link their American Express accounts may get a $250 bonus. For additional details, see our analysis of Kabbage.


Just after joining up, new members may get 30,000 bonus points. To qualify, you must open a qualifying account and maintain a $5,000 balance for 60 consecutive days. Furthermore, throughout that time period, you must complete at least 10 transactions that meet the criteria.

Additional Features

You may redeem the points you earn from certain transactions made with your debit card for direct transfers into your bank account. In addition to cash, points may be redeemed for vacation, merchandise, and other perks.

American Express offers a customer support staff available around the clock to help with any issues you may have with your points or any other feature of your card.



Lili – Best for One-Person Businesses

Star rating: 4.57/5

When it comes time to file your taxes, Lili has everything you need to get it done right. When you open a business checking account with Lili, you won't have to worry about monthly fees or a minimum opening deposit, and you'll have access to a variety of useful digital tools for handling things like managing expenses, keeping tabs on tax write-offs, saving for taxes, and taking payments from customers.

Lili was developed initially for freelancers and contractors but is now open to any form of company.

Why we chose it: Lili's low prices and tax-saving tools let companies keep more of their money. More than that, Lili is a fantastic choice for the best small business checking account that doesn't require a credit check.


  • There are no opening or maintenance costs associated with this account
  • Any number of free withdrawals are possible
  • MoneyPass network ATM use is free of charge, and Green Dot network cash deposits are possible
  • Comprehensive tax and spending management software
  • Get paid two days early with direct deposit feature


  • Fees for making cash deposits at Green Dot outlets may be as high as $4.95
  • No checkbook or wire transfer, no financial transactions
  • No joint accounts, corporate debit cards, or third-party interfaces


In addition to the fantastic free tax software, company owners will also like that Lili does not charge any fees for making deposits or making withdrawals. Even better, there are no fees for using any of the more than 38,000 ATMs in the USA that are part of the network. Costs range from $2.50 to $5 if you use a computer that’s not part of your network.

Interest Rates

On Lili's business checking account, there’s no interest accruing. A savings account with an annual percentage yield of 1.5% is available to those who are prepared to pay for it, but the monthly fee must be more than $34,000.


Consumers can't get a loan from Lili. You'll have to search elsewhere if you're in need of a loan or line of credit.


As you use your Lili debit card at participating retailers, you'll get cash rewards that will be paid into your company checking account. Use your debit card without worrying about service or transaction fees, wherever you are in the globe.

Additional Features

Nothing compares to Lili’s tax optimizer, intended to assist you to decrease tax-based expenditures. The program makes it easy to organize your expenditures, determine your tax bracket, and complete your return.

There’s a convenient mobile app for the online bank that allows you to keep track of your personal and company spending even while you're on the go. The process of signing up is quick and easy, and you may be doing banking in a matter of minutes.



U.S. Bank – Best for Lending Options

Star rating: 4.5/5

For whatever company purpose, whether it’s growth or covering an unforeseen cost, U.S. Bank provides the loan or line of credit you need. Merchant services tailored to certain sectors may also be useful, depending on your company's needs.

If you happen to be in one of the 26 states where they’re present, you may use one of their 2,400 branches to conduct your banking needs in person.

Why we chose it: With U.S. Bank's business checking account, you have access to valuable loan choices that are designed for companies of all sizes.


  • No fees for ATM use at 4,700 U.S. Bank and 37,000 MoneyPass ATMs
  • Apply for an account online, in-person, or by phone
  • Payment processing options offered for a fee - mobile or POS
  • Possibility of getting a $400 bonus for signing up, conditions apply.


  • Limits on how much money may be deposited in cash are modest compared to the competition
  • The bank's website does not provide transparent information on fees and terms


There aren't any hidden charges with U.S. Bank Silver Business Checking, but it's easy to rack up overdraft penalties if you're not careful. The first 125 you send every month are on the house, and further ones cost just half a dollar apiece. Be wary about using ATMs that aren't affiliated with a U.S. bank, since they often impose their own fees.

Interest Rates

U.S. Bank doesn't provide competitive interest rates on checking accounts, but it does offer savings and money market accounts tailored to businesses. If you have any extra cash lying around, you may earn a certain percentage of it by putting it away in saves.


U.S. Bank has the best online business checking accounts in large part because of the variety of loans it offers. Loan amounts range from $5,000 to several million dollars, with the exact range dependent on the nature of the firm. Similar to a fixed loan, a line of credit allows you to borrow a certain amount and pay it back over time.


There are no sign-up or account-activity bonuses available at U.S. Bank. You may choose from a variety of credit cards, each with its own set of perks and benefits.

Additional Features

If your company doesn't deal in a lot of hard currency, you may appreciate The U.S. Bank's policy of allowing deposits of up to $2,500 in cash every statement cycle. One may save 50% on their first purchase by opting to pay with checks. U.S. Bank offers a wide variety of services other from loans that are all worthwhile.



Oxygen – Best for Freelancers

Star rating: 4/5

Oxygen has carved out a special place for itself in the fintech sector, making it a fantastic choice for independent contractors and small businesses. There are no hidden costs, and buying from certain stores might get you as much as 5% back.

You may protect your money by issuing an infinite number of temporary debit cards to yourself, each with a predetermined spending restriction.

Why we chose it: Oxygen understands the needs of the hip company owner and caters to them by providing a number of nifty financial services. Furthermore, it's a great checking account option for those who own their own businesses.


  • Written for the hip company owner
  • Bonus cash back of 5%
  • Make one-time use, digital debit cards


  • Unfortunately, this site is not mobile-friendly
  • It's strictly single-user only
  • Too expensive


Although Oxygensays it has no hidden fees, it does warn that withdrawals made from ATMs outside of the country's network may incur a cost. There are zero ongoing or one-time fees associated with ACH transactions or maintaining your account.

Interest Rates

Even though your company checking account won't earn you any interest, Oxygen has you covered with a separate business savings account. For balances in savings of $20,000 or less, the annual percentage yield is 1%. Excess funds still accrue interest, but at a considerably reduced rate.


Oxygen is not a traditional bank, but rather a mobile fintech firm. This eliminates any possibility of a loan from Oxygen.


When you are compensated to buy things you need, it feels good. 5% cash back is available on all purchases, no questions asked, for items like petrol, rideshares, and shipping services.

Additional Features

If you're looking for a business bank account for your LLC, go no further than Oxygen. Anybody working independently who values legal protections afforded by a limited liability company may quickly form one with the help of the Oxygen app for mobile devices.



Chase Business – Best Bank Account for Merchant Service

Star rating: 3.8/5

Chase now offers businesses a variety of new services, including payment collection and fraud protection, as well as a $300 incentive simply for joining up. The Chase app also allows you to receive credit card payments instantly into your account. There’s a service charge assessed monthly, but there are numerous methods to get around it.

Why we chose it: Chase provides a comprehensive suite of services for your company, including banking.


  • There’s no required initial deposit
  • Unlimited electronic purchases with no extra charges
  • Payment processing that’s seamless
  • New-customer incentive bonus (terms apply)
  • $35 fee for accounts that go over $50, 24-hour grace period


  • The cost will be $15 per month
  • $5000 monthly fee-free cash deposits, unlimited physical transactions
  • ATM use fee when using a machine outside of the network


Many people are put off by the idea of paying a monthly service charge, but there are ways to avoid paying it altogether. Maintaining a daily balance of $2,000, making $2,000 in net purchases on a business card, or receiving $2,000 in deposits via the Chase QuickAccept app qualifies you for the bonus.

Interest Rates

Even though Chase's Business Comprehensive Checking account doesn't pay interest, it's not hopeless. The services provided by a Chase business checking account may be supplemented with a savings account. The best part is that there’s zero cost to sign up for savings as long as your checking account remains open.


You may get a loan or a line of credit when you become a Chase customer. You may take out a loan of up to $500,000 at a time, and the terms of repayment are quite flexible. Borrow up to $500,000 as required from a line of credit.


Chase offers an abundance of perks. If you open a Business Comprehensive Checking account and match the bank's criteria, they will deposit $300 into your account. Chase also offers a variety of credit cards that may be used to earn rewards, such as cashback or travel points.

Additional Features

With a Chase business checking account, you get free participation in one of Chase's savings schemes. You'll also have your pick of a wide range of secure and convenient financial management and protection tools for your company.



Our Ranking Methodology for the Best Online Business Checking Account

Not any old bank account will do if you want the best for your company. We compared the best online business checking accounts from several banks so that you don't have to. We based our best choices on the following criteria throughout our search:

Fees: If you lose a lot of money due to your bank's fees, that's not good. The finest bank accounts for companies have minimal costs. Whilst some services need a regular payment, most also provide some kind of price waiver.

Interest Rates: Interest on business checking accounts used to be offered by a wide variety of financial institutions, but those days are long gone. There are still some customers who will pay you directly for doing business with them by making a regular deposit into your account. The finest of them provide rates that are much above the norm for the country.

Lending: You'll probably need to borrow money at some point for a project or an unplanned expenditure. Because you already have a business connection with many of the best online business checking accounts, getting this money is simpler. Using a third party may result in higher risk and payback expenses.

Rewards: You're establishing an account shouldn't solely benefit the financial institution. The best small business checking accounts provide sign-up incentives, cash back, or online benefits as ways to express their support.

Transfers: Your money goes around a lot as a company. Penalties for making too many transfers or failing to send money where it needs to go are the last things you need. The finest business accounts take away restrictions and make connecting with suppliers and well-known financial applications simple.

Additional Features: Fintech businesses and banks were not both created equal. We delved deep to find out what extra features each one provides and how you may maximize your business interactions.



Who Should Get a Business Checking Account

You may be shocked to find that tiny businesses and side hustles, not only huge enterprises, can qualify for a business checking account. Regardless of whether you're a single proprietor using your social security number to do business or you have an LLC with its own tax ID, opening a business checking account is an easy method to keep your personal money separate from your company funds.

A company checking account may be useful for every business owner, no matter how big or little. It enables you to keep track of your earnings and outlays so that, before moving funds to your personal account for spending, you can gauge the financial health of your company.

However, since banks assume businesses will generate more revenue than an individual and that there will be a higher volume of transactions/administration costs, be prepared as business checking accounts typically charge more fees than personal accounts, and frequently the minimum balance requirements to waive monthly fees are higher.

However, a growing number of smaller, online-only business checking accounts are becoming available, which significantly lower the cost of opening a business checking account and don't have any minimum balance requirements or transaction fees.



Online vs Brick and Mortar Business Checking Accounts

Consider first how you run your company on a daily basis before selecting whether to create an internet business checking account or go with a physical bank. Several firms now operate entirely digitally, which means that all billing, payments, accounting, and payroll are carried out online.

But, some firms still rely heavily on cash and as a result, they need a local bank branch where they may deposit funds at the end of each work day.

The best online business checking accounts are without a question practical and provide useful invoicing features including the capacity to do mobile check deposits, sync with QuickBooks, and/or link to Stripe to take credit card payments.

Nonetheless, it can be worth giving up the ease of these choices for the capability of quickly withdrawing and/or depositing substantial amounts of actual currency.

But fees and minimum balance requirements are often cheaper at online-only banks (some are as low as $0), so if you don't do your banking in person on a regular basis, it may be time to look for a different option.



Best Online Business Checking Account – Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our most often asked questions and the responses to them in order to help you with your problems even more.

Should I Use a Credit Union for My Business Checking Account?

Credit unions are regarded for providing excellent customer service and often charge low or no monthly fees for their business bank accounts. In addition, credit unions often have large cash deposit limits, making them a suitable alternative for restaurants and other enterprises that deal mainly with cash.

Remember that compared to big bank chains, which might have a nationwide presence, credit unions may only have a small number of facilities and ATMs.

Yet they're worth taking into account if you meet the requirements for membership. In this collection of NerdWallet's Best Credit Unions, compare a few compelling choices.

Who Should Get the Best Small Business Checking Account?

You may be shocked to find that tiny businesses and side hustles, not only huge enterprises, can qualify for the best online business checking account. Regardless of whether you're a single proprietor using your social security number to do business or you have an LLC with its own tax ID, opening a business checking account is an easy method to keep your personal money separate from your company funds.

Can You Run a Business Without a Business Bank Account?

Without a corporate bank account, it’s still feasible to operate a firm, but you run the danger of jeopardizing your personal funds. Other parties may also pursue your personal cash in the case of litigation or debt.

What Are the Most Important Features of the Best Online Business Checking Accounts?

The most crucial aspects of a business checking account will depend on your company, your demands, and your personal banking practices, as is the case with any financial choice.

Integration with other accounting systems, e-commerce, and payment capabilities, debit card security features, and ATM fee rebates are a few business-specific features to take into mind.

Bottom Line on the Best Small Business Checking Accounts

The correct business checking account may significantly increase the success of your company. The best alternatives minimize expenses while providing benefits and prizes simply for joining up. 

Several also assist with money management so you may concentrate on more crucial issues. Our current favorite is BlueVine Business Checking, but we think any of the choices on our list would work well for you.



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