6 Best People Search Sites Online – Trace Anyone Anytime

KHNL SS - Best People Check Sites
KHNL SS - Best People Check Sites

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With so many individuals claiming their people search sites are the best, it can be difficult to decide which ones are really up to the task. The fact that there are so many great people search sites now doesn't make it any easier. 

We have gone the extra mile to make sure we offer you the most comprehensive, accurate, and dependable search reports, having carefully studied numerous people search websites for a period of time before hand-picking the most reliable ones. 

The people search websites featured in our list are the most helpful for a variety of purposes, such as helping you find an old friend, locating family members, authenticating business connections, validating acquaintances, and more.



6 Best People Search Sites on the Market

  1. TruthFinder: Best People Search Sites Overall
  2. Intelius: Best for Detailed Reports
  3. Instant Checkmate: Great for Criminal History Check
  4. PeopleFinders: Best for Ease of Use
  5. Spokeo: Cheapest People Finder Site
  6. US Search: Oldest People Search Site

TruthFinder: Best People Search Site Overall


  • Free phone support for customers
  • Simple in both comprehension and application
  • A+ BBB score
  • The Dark Web Scan service is available


  • Costly

Since its launch in 2015, TruthFinder has become one of the most well-known people search sites. Its 60,000+ 5-star ratings from people search engines support the company's declaration of delivering trustworthy and comprehensive reports. Moreover, it has an A+ BBB rating providing further evidence of its reliability.

Usability: 4.9/5

TruthFinder is one of the most straightforward people search engines out there due to its well-organized design and user-friendly user interface. In essence, everything on the primary web page of people search sites such as TruthFinder is arranged in an organized manner, making it easy to conduct searches.

Furthermore, people search engines such as TruthFinder have an Android mobile application available, so you can quickly gain insights about a person you know no matter where you’re.

Features: 4.9/5

TruthFinder is one of the people search site that provides multiple search methods such as person search, public records search, background check, and reverse phone lookup that can be done by entering a person's name, mobile number, e-mail address, or location.

People search sites like TruthFinder may be used to verify someone you’re dating online, find missing relatives, evaluate a possible roommate, and examine your own background. People search engines also access millions of public records to give an in-depth overview of a person's criminal records, arrests, public information, and more. 

With the world's advancement in digitalization, there is a high risk of identity theft through people search site. This is why people search websites like TruthFinder offer Dark Web Scan to detect if your personal data is being used without permission by online criminals. Furthermore, it will also monitor for any potential identity theft in the future.

What TruthFinder Can Uncover: 4.9/5

Thanks to the capability of TruthFinder to examine a great number of public records, it’s likely one of the most substantial people search engines. A complete report from TruthFinder people search sites could enable you to gain knowledge of such aspects as:

  • Dating profiles
  • Location history
  • Education history
  • Arrest records
  • Birth & death records
  • Contact information 
  • Criminal history
  • Employment history
  • Dating site profiles
  • Possible relatives & family members
  • Social media accounts
  • Traffic offenses

Pricing: 4.7/5

TruthFinder is one of the pricier people search websites, but not necessarily the most expensive. People search sites can be a great selection if you’re looking for reports of superior quality and detail.

On the other hand, if you only want the basics regarding a new caller, people search websites like TruthFinder's reverse phone search will not cost you a dime.

A cost analysis;

  • 1-month unlimited reports – $28.05/mo
  • 3-month unlimited reports – $23.28/mo (Power Users – Billed at $46.56 every two months) 

FCRA Disclaimer – TruthFinder does not provide Consumer Reports and is not a Consumer Reporting Agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Do not use this information for consumer credit, employment, or tenant screening.



Intelius: Best People Search Site for Detailed Reports


  • Quick changes and adjustments
  • Reports that are quite exhaustive
  • Around 20 billion papers from the public domain serve as sources
  • Reputable and consistently scoring very well in ratings
  • Many search options
  • Huge database dedicated to public documents
  • User-friendly design of the interface


  • Only applicable in the US

Intelius, established in 2003, has become well-known in the industry for its services concerning people search sites.

If you need reliable people search websites for daily use, Intelius might be the perfect option. People search sites like Intelius search through an immense amount of data, giving you a reliable basis from which to find out a great deal about the person you’re dating or the person living next door.

Usability: 4.9/5

Intelius is one of the most uncomplicated people search websites, which is the basis of its philosophy. When you first open people search sites, you're confronted with the search criteria and a few helpful hints that make the search process simple and stress-free.

The people search site, Intelius, is successful in organizing the info and it’s easy to select the correct results from the multiple public documents from which it gathers its details.

Features: 5/5

Intelius grants you access to people search site to enhance the likelihood of finding what you're searching for. Using people search sites, you can search for someone with just their first and last name to access a range of criminal data and public records.

You can make people search sites more accurately by adding the state or city of the person.

Intelius can also be used to uncover information that’s hidden in a new telephone number or to find property records through the reverse phone lookup and address search, respectively. People search site can be helpful when attempting to get a mortgage, as they provide reverse address search.

What Can Intelius Uncover: 4.9/5

Intelius is one of the leading people search sites when it comes to providing comprehensive and up-to-date information about people and their properties. The results people search websites can yield can be more than what you anticipate.

When looking for data through Intelius, the outcomes might include, but are not restricted to:

  • Traffic offenses
  • Address history
  • Bankruptcies
  • Phone numbers
  • Misdemeanors
  • Family members and relatives
  • Sexual offenses
  • Arrest records
  • Court records
  • Social media profiles
  • Assets

Pricing: 4.9/5

Intelius offers a free basic search, which provides access to fundamental data like age or past locations. However, if people want to search more on people search sites, they must purchase a premium membership.

It's great that the membership costs for people search websites are currently lower than the majority of search engines, and Intelius supplies a great deal for the money due to the broad range of information it offers and how user-friendly it’s.

Cost analysis;

1-month unlimited reports – $24.86/mo

2-month unlimited reports – $21.13/mo ($42.25 charged every 60 days)

FCRA Disclaimer – Intelius does not provide Consumer Reports and is not a Consumer Reporting Agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Do not use this information for consumer credit, employment, or tenant screening



Instant Checkmate: Great People Search Site for Criminal History Check


  • Reputable
  • Reports that are prompt and accurate
  • Report downloads available in PDF format
  • User-friendly interface
  • Guaranteed no-cost phone calls
  • Full records of criminal activity


  • There are no individual reports that can be purchased

People search sites, such as Instant Checkmate, provide a quick way to safeguard yourself and your loved ones by uncovering any prior law-breaking activities related to a person. The A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of the background checking service is an assurance of its reliability as an excellent people search site.

Usability: 4.9/5

Instant Checkmate has combined a quick search tool with an easy-to-use navigation bar to ensure people have a smooth search experience when using the site for people searches.

Immediate Checkmate has combined a quick search tool with an easy-to-use navigation bar to ensure people have a smooth search experience when using the site for people searches.

Instant Checkmate should not be difficult to navigate, but if you do experience any issues, you can always contact the helpful and friendly customer service team via their toll-free phone line.

Features: 4.9/5

Instant Checkmate is one of the leading people search sites, offering four primary search options: searching for people, using a reverse phone lookup, obtaining criminal and arrest records, and searching for prisoners. Instant Checkmate can be used to find someone by inputting their name and the city of residence. 

Additionally, people search sites like instant checkmate offer a reverse phone lookup feature which allows individuals to quickly and easily learn more about a suspicious caller. The most comprehensive search is the criminal records search which allows people to sift through a lot of data and group it by city, state, and zip code. 

Finally, people search sites such as instant checkmate enable people to locate prisoners all over the country, potentially assisting those who are looking for family or friends who could be in prison.

What Instant Checkmate Can Uncover: 4.8/5

Instant Checkmate is one of the most popular people search sites that do a lot more than just uncover criminal pasts.

Here are a few points that Instant Checkmate could potentially uncover:

  • Address history
  • Court records
  • Birth and death records
  • Felonies
  • Social media profiles
  • Relatives
  • Location History
  • Weapon permits
  • Phone number
  • Arrest records

Pricing: 4.8/5

Despite being more expensive than other people search sites, Instant Checkmate still offers great value for money, especially if you're willing to sign up for a longer period. It's not possible to purchase individual reports from Instant Checkmate, but you can pay an additional $1.99 to get them as PDFs.

Cost analysis;

  • 1-month unlimited reports – $35.12/mo
  • 3-month unlimited reports – $28.09/mo

FCRA Disclaimer – Instant Checkmate does not provide Consumer Reports and is not a Consumer Reporting Agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Do not use this information for consumer credit, employment, or tenant screening



PeopleFinders: Best People Search Site for Ease of Use


  • Help to find family members or friends 
  • Provides access to a wide range of data 
  • An interface that’s pleasant to users
  • There is the possibility of conducting background checks 


  • It may be expensive to get some types of information
  • May invade the privacy of another individual
  • The data are either out of date or incorrect

PeopleFinders is a popular people search site that can be used to search for individuals and access their personal information. It’s a user-friendly platform that provides comprehensive data about people, such as contact information, criminal records, and background data. 

To find people by entering their name, address, or telephone number into the site's searching tool. People search sites like PeopleFinders are helpful for finding lost pals or relatives, verifying the credentials of potential coworkers or romantic partners, and more.

Usability: 5/5

PeopleFinders is typically seen as quite straightforward people search sites. People can use people search sites to search for people by name, address, or phone number, and the results are laid out in a comprehensible and neat fashion. To get more specific results, users can filter their search. 

Furthermore, with its many search alternatives on people search sites, such as location, age, and even criminal records, customers can access the information they’re after much more quickly. PeopleFinders is also user-friendly and simple to navigate, making it attainable to a wide range of individuals regardless of their technical abilities.

Features: 4/5

PeopleFinders allow you to search for someone using their name, phone number, or address. The only other option you have is to look up the email address of a person using people search sites.

PeopleFinders offers the reverse phone search feature to help you to identify unknown callers, and the reverse address lookup to help you to find someone or learn about the history of the surrounding area. Additionally, if you receive an email from someone and want to know more about the sender and their whereabouts, people search sites are indispensable.

In terms of accuracy, PeopleFinders is hard to beat and it deserves an A-grade.

The people search sites provided a plethora of data without any fees. Tracking down friends transpired to be faster and easier than I had expected. The outcomes of people search sites revealed the most efficient ways of connecting with them. 

This incorporated contact details, prior residences, and relatives. Additionally, a directory of their neighboring residents, with the contact number, was given by one of the most outstanding free people search sites.

What PeopleFinders Can Uncover:

PeopleFinders can uncover various aspects of individuals' lives, such as

  • Public Record: This might include information on divorce, marriage, and bankruptcies.
  • Property Records: These may include information on a person's real estate holdings, including the property's address, kind, and name.
  • Background data: This might include criminal records, arrest histories, and information on one's employment history and educational background.
  • Contact information: This may include a person's name, current and previous addresses, phone number, email address, and other details.

It’s important to remember that not all information available on people search sites is accessible to everyone, and some of it may not be reliable or up-to-date. Furthermore, certain data may be confidential and should not be divulged.


PeopleFinders has options for which payment is necessary.

  • Monthly subscription - $24.95
  • Individual reports - $1.95

Despite PeopleFinders being one of the most popular people search sites, there are a few points to be aware of.

Questions have been raised regarding the data collecting transparency of people search sites. In addition, it’s rare to come across a person's details regarding their social media accounts on these sites.

However, people search sites offer the option to purchase individual reports, which not many companies do. If you’re looking to do only a few searches without spending too much money, this is a great option.

FCRA Disclaimer – PeopleFinders does not provide Consumer Reports and is not a Consumer Reporting Agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Do not use this information for consumer credit, employment, or tenant screening



Spokeo: Cheapest People Finder Site


  • Automatic updates to searches
  • Accessible PDF reports
  • Inexpensive and prompt
  • User-friendly interface


  • Limitations are in place depending on a person's criminal history

Are you searching for a cost-effective people search company? You may have just found the perfect one.

Spokeo is a good option for those using people search sites since it offers a reasonable balance between affordability and availability.

Spokeo is one that states that they obtain their data from about 12 billion entries. It’s worth examining if they have been given approval from reliable sources such as Forbes and the New York Times to prove their reliability.

Usability: 4.9/5

Spokeo offers an uncluttered user interface and uses plenty of white space, both of which are essential for any successful people search sites. It shouldn't be complex to use Spokeo, even if you have no experience with search engines.

Furthermore, their people search sites and customer service personnel appear to be swift to resolve any issues if you come across any.

Features 4.7/5

Despite their focus on keeping their services simple, people search sites like Spokeo to provide all of the basic functions that a good background check company should have. 

People search sites give you the ability to use someone's name, phone number, email address, or even their physical address to uncover plenty of relevant details about them.

The reverse address check on people search sites is highly praised by customers for its effectiveness. Additionally, their automated updates are an invaluable feature, ensuring that you stay informed of any changes in the report and giving you an up-to-date profile of the person you're looking up to.

What Spokeo Can Uncover: 4.7/5

Spokeo stands out among people search sites as an ideal option for uncovering detailed, individual information as it has a more casual impression.

Expect to view the following:

  • Family associates
  • Criminal records
  • Contact information
  • Wealth records
  • Social media account
  • Personal details
  • Location history

Pricing: 4.8/5

We’re compelled to acknowledge that Spokeo is a great people search site that provides great value for the money. This people search site is devoted to equipping customers with impressive reports and quality for the expenditure while being the most reasonable people search service in the market.

Price Synopsis:

  • 1-month membership – $19.95
  • 2-month membership – $14.95



US Search: Oldest People Search Engine


  • Reasonably priced information searches
  • Rapid results
  • 25 years of professional experience


  • Very little criminal history
  • High-priced, comprehensive report

US Search, the creator of people search websites, was founded in 1993. It searches through local, state, and federal databases to find general information on people, which makes it perfect for people trying to find someone they know. The site can also be used to look up a property.

Usability: 4.5/5

Established in 1993, US Search has managed to remain one of the top people search sites due to its ideal user experience and guidelines to perform searches with someone's name, mobile number, or address.

Features: 4.3/5

US Search is one of the leading people search engines, providing quick results with detailed contact information. Reports are stored for twelve months, making it easy to access them in the future.

What US Search can uncover: 4.3/5

US Search, a recognized platform for examining primary info about people and properties, shows the following in their report:

  • Social profiles
  • Phone numbers
  • Employment & education history
  • Property ownership & value
  • Personal details

Pricing: 4.4/5

US Search is one of the most competitive people search websites when it comes to pricing for single-use reports; however, you will need to pay extra for reports with more detailed information.

  • 1-month unlimited searches – $19.86
  • Reverse Phone Lookup – $1.99



Ranking Methodology for the Best People Search Sites

When evaluating the most popular people search engines, there are multiple factors to be taken into consideration, such as

  • The amount of information stored on the internet, which is used by people search sites that aim to uncover confidential details, is a factor that makes these sites different from one another. The more extensive the database, the more knowledge it can reveal.
  • When assessing people search sites, it’s essential to consider the accuracy, comprehensiveness, and applicability of the data they present.
  • People search sites must have the capacity to search for individuals using their name, address, cell phone number, and other pertinent information. The more selections for searching, the better the chances that the website can generate accurate outcomes.
  • It’s essential to be precise when evaluating people search sites. If the details are not precise or outdated, it won't matter how much is revealed. Therefore, when considering the top selections below, accuracy was taken into consideration.
  • Cost was a key element when rating the people search sites. Despite the features, quality, and usability, customers would not be pleased if the cost was too high for them. For that reason, the affordability of the service was taken into account when assessing each search engine.
  • People search engines that kept their word and provided a variety of practical features and internet-based applications received higher positions in the rankings.
  • Understanding and maneuverability are two aspects that are essential for people search sites to be successful, and this ranking was based on how visually pleasing the search results were, how straightforward the design was, and if it was mobile-friendly.
  • In order to provide people searching sites with the help they need when navigating, it’s important for companies to offer reliable customer service.
  • To protect the privacy of users and ensure that their data is used correctly, it’s essential that people search engines implement clear policies.



What Is a People Search Service?

You can use people search sites to easily locate people you may not have been aware of, or uncover a date in the future. This can be accomplished by employing an online person's search database and giving particulars like name, phone number, or address.

Best People Search Engines – Buying Guide

What Is the Best Site To Find Someone?

TruthFinder is one of the best people search sites for locating a person. It provides extensive details with access to over 20 billion records.

Furthermore, Intelius is one of the best people search engines, offering the most comprehensive individual and contact information in its reports, making it easier to reconnect with someone with whom one has lost contact.

Are There Any Free People Search Sites?

Although there are a few people search engines that are available for free, the majority of users have to pay to access more accurate data. Many search engines, therefore, require payment to receive results that go beyond the basic, minimal information.

How To Find Out Where Someone Lives?

It’s possible to access basic information about individuals by using people search sites and entering their name, phone number, social media identity, or email address.

People search sites usually provide a list of addresses associated with a person, as well as where they have lived in the past.

In addition, people search sites will often include potential family members and friends of the person, which can be useful in locating their current address.

Can I Find Someone Just by Using Their Name?

Knowing an individual's name can certainly be beneficial in finding them on people search sites. However, for someone with a famous name, there would be an extensive collection of search results to go through.

Having an individual's name can be helpful when looking for them on people search sites. But for someone with a famous name, there would be a large number of search results to go through.



Tips on Choosing the Best People Search Sites

The most popular people search sites have the best chance of providing reliable and accurate information about a person.

Here are some suggestions for the leading people sites.


It’s undeniable that people search sites have an abundance of positive customer reviews. It’s wise to look at social media platforms and discussion forums such as Reddit, Quora, and Facebook to get an insight into what customers think of the top-rated people search sites.

Site Database

The site's database can provide an estimation of the volume of data that a people search site can discover on a particular individual or a property. It’s essential to select a site that acquires its information from a variety of databases, such as the sources that we have already studied, which extract data from a massive number of public records.

User Experience

The best people search sites should provide an interface that’s user-friendly and pleasant to use. Most importantly, the process of searching should be straightforward and rapid so that anyone, regardless of their level of expertise, can quickly find the desired information.


Generally, the expense of using people search sites is about the same for all of them. Nevertheless, more expensive people search sites that may offer more detailed reports. 

It’s recommended that you opt for sites with fees that are in line with what other sites charge for accurate and cost-effective searches.



Benefits of Using People Search Engines

If you want to find someone, relying on traditional approaches is not the right approach. Most times, you will end up with nothing or a few limited items that are within your budget. For this, you will need to use a specialized search website.

Fast Search

You don't have to go to the city hall or the public library to look up someone and find out how to reach them. You can access the data at any moment from the leading people search sites.

Bulk Search

Trying to locate individuals for a job that involves manual labor can be both expensive and taxing. Luckily, there are internet search sites that can make the process much simpler and provide you with all the necessary details.

Accurate Results

People search sites provide a convenient way to find people on the internet and to look into their past. There is no obstacle to using books to seek out trustworthy information, but why go through the hassle when you can access these websites? The data available on these websites is more current than what can be found in printed materials.

Background Checks

People search sites not only to make it easy to find people on the internet, but they also provide access to a person's background information, criminal records, and other data.



Are There Any Free People Search Sites

Are there sites that allow you to look up individuals without paying a fee? Indeed! Here are a few examples of such sites:


Google is by far the most acclaimed platform for searching for individuals, though accessing its personal search will direct you to a plethora of search results and homepages as Google is incredibly vast. Finding a precise piece of data can be a long process as the information is spread out.


LinkedIn offers a platform to showcase one's professional background. Generally, it’s not mandatory to register on the site to view another's work timeline. But, it’s not the right place to search for confidential or intricate information.


Without a doubt, Facebook can be thought of as a way for people to observe others in the present, given that almost all individuals have an account with the platform. However, unfortunately, this social media website is overwhelmed by hundreds of profiles that are basically the same.


TruePeopleSearch is a free people-finding service that allows individuals to locate someone with the full name and address. It’s similar to other search sites yet it’s limited in its capabilities. If you’re looking for a particular person, you must use one of the thousands of common American names listed in the site's database.



How To Get Started With People Search Sites

  1. To begin using your preferred service, go to the sign-up page and follow the instructions to verify your email address and full name.
  2. Select a subscription and choose the method of payment and the frequency of payments that are most convenient for you and your budget.
  3. Conduct a search by entering a name, phone number, email address, or social media handle (if allowed by the website) after logging in.
  4. Refining your search site may prompt you to enter more information before narrowing your topic of investigation. In this space, some of the information that may be included includes a person's city, state, and religion.
  5. View your results as soon as the report containing your results is ready, you will get a message requesting that you look at it.

What Is the Best Site To Search for a Person?

If you’re looking for instantaneous and thorough information on someone or yourself, there are several websites and background check services you can consider. TruthFinder is the best people search app, as it has a comprehensive database of public records and presents results rapidly.

Besides that, people search engines such asIntelius and Instant Checkmate are also reliable options. When conducting people search sites, such as tenant, employee, and consumer credit screenings, it’s essential to stick to the regulations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).



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