Papa Ola Lokahi to air half-hour special, Our Kuleana with Pashyn Santos

Sponsored by Papa Ola Lokahi

Papa Ola Lokahi is the Native Hawaiian Health Board. Their foundation is strongly built on kupuna ike and community ike. “It’s really kuleana that makes us do what we do and making sure the health of our Lāhui is foremost at the work that we do,” says Dr. Sheri-Ann Daniels, Executive Director at Papa Ola Lokahi.

Many see health as physical conditions that affect the body, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. To Papa Ola Lokahi, health involves all the other pieces that impact or touch into the areas of health. Housing, education, cultural connectedness, and other factors makes up a healthy kanaka or thriving Lāhui.

The NHPI 3R was established by Papa Ola Lokai in 2020 to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic. The 3R stands for response, recovery, and resilience. “When this started, it was about responding, it was about activating that network,” says Dr. Daniels. “Generations behind that, as Native Hawaiians, we are a community of resilient people.” As Hawaii continues to push through the hard times, Papa Ola Lokahi is here to help support in any way possible.

Papa Ola Lokahi will air a half-hour special called Our Kuleana with Hawaii’s very own internet sensation, Pashyn Santos! Surrounded by an amusing cast of characters, Pashyn tackles the serious subject of vaccination awareness with humor and heart. Her aim is to keep our Lāhui safe and healthy for generations to come. No matter where you stand on this subject, this program is not to be missed! Tune in on 10/7 at 10pm on K5, K5 Facebook and livestream, 10/9 at 7pm on KHNL, 10/10 at 10:35pm on KGMB!