Hawaii Literacy Celebrates 50 years with launch of digital literacy program

Sponsored by Hawaii Literacy

Sean Knox, CEO of HiEmployment and Board Member, says he was immediately interested in Hawaii Literacy after being introduced by a friend. Coming from a family of educators, Sean says that education is something important to him. Seeing his three daughters go through the education system made him realize that many don’t have that luxury. “There’s a lot of resources that are not available to the community out there, the kids out there, and I wanted to be part of a group that could make that possible,” he says.

Hawaii Literacy started in 1971 when a couple of people from the community learned that one in six adults struggled with reading or writing. To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Hawaii Literacy will be launching a digital literacy programing focusing on providing access to any adult who wants to upscale and learn how to connect. “Literacy is something that impacts every area of someone’s life, and so we try to get out there, whether it’s the book-mobile or the family libraries that are in public housing sites, as well as our adult literacy tutors and English language classes,” says Jill Takasaki Canfield, Executive Director at Hawaii Literacy.

Hawaii Literacy’s niche is to ensure that even someone with lower literacy skills can access opportunities. For more information, please visit hawaiiliteracy.org or call at (808) 537-6706.