Howard's Business Report

  Business Report: How safe is it to fly?

Airlines want you to believe that the air is safe to breathe if you fly. Howard Dicus looks to see if that is true.

  Business Report: Christmas retail outlook

Howard Dicus reports on the outlook for Christmas retail based on Gallup polling of consumer spending plans for the rest of the year.

  Business Report: A comparison of airlines' summer losses

In this Illustrated Economics, Howard compares the airlines' summer losses. T

  Business Report: Hawaii's four biggest banks

In this "Illustrated Economics," Howard shows the relative size of Hawaii's four biggest banks.

  Business Report: Pre-travel testing arrivals by category

Here's a breakdown by category on who is flying into Hawaii since the pre-travel testing program started on October 15th.

  New jobless claims for early October 2020

Top stories from across Hawaii and around the world, as seen on the 6 a.m. news broadcast from Hawaii News Now.

  Howard's Business Report: Where we are with the economic stimulus bill

Our Howard Dicus explains what's holding things up with the covid relief bill. It's Crisis at a Glance!

  Some hotels, airlines plan gradual reopening despite tourism relaunch

The long-awaited October 15 date is really just the start of a longer reopening process.

  Business Report: How mainland media sees Hawaii's trans-Pacific reopening

The headlines sound just as confused as the situation. Just days away from reopening travel, here are the headlines reflecting the lack of a comprehensive plan

  Need office space in Hawaii? It's available during this pandemic

More space is available because of the pandemic. But is this affecting the price? Business reporter Howard Dicus takes a look.

  Business Report: August air seats

In this Illustrated Economics, Howard talks about August air seats.

  Business Report: Furloughs at The Modern Honolulu

Howard shares a partial list of furloughed workers at the Waikiki hotel.

  Business Report: Economic recovery has a long way to go

Howard breaks down the Wall Street Journal’s report on jobless statistics.

  Howard’s Business Report: House passes spending bill

There’s increased accountability on farm aid funds.

  Business Report: August's hotel report

  Business Report: Unemployment by island

Unemployment is over 12% statewide even though it fell on almost every island.

  Business Report: Unemployment numbers reveal complex crisis

Hold onto your pants! It's crisis at a glance! Millions are unemployed and that's a deep-dish dilemma. But how many millions...

  Business Report: Summer report on vacation rentals

In this Illustrated Economics, Howard has the summer report on vacation rentals

  Business Report: Hawaii ranks low on employment

  Business Report: The economic impact of USPS

The U.S. Postal Service handles 47% of all global mail. It pays $37 billion in wages to 636,776 employees. The $1.4 trillion mailing industry employs 7.5 millio

  Business Report: Households with job losses

In this Illustrated Economics report, Howard goes over the topic of households with job losses.

  Business Report: New jobless claims

Top stories from across Hawaii and around the world, as seen on the 6 a.m. news broadcast from Hawaii News Now.

  Business Report: What the economy actually needs

  Business Report: TSA traffic during the pandemic

Airlines fly more people, but the glass is still more than half empty.