Howard's Business Report

  Business Report: Inflation is still low

  Business Report: A new trend in CEO salaries

  Business Report: Pondering online purchases

  Business Report: Comparing President Biden's infrastructure plan to the New Deal

To shock some life into the economy and to get Americans back to work, President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the New Deal in 1930s.

  Business News: The lawsuit against Hawaiian Host

An important legal concept has been invoked as Big Island macnut growers sue Hawaiian Host over nuts delivered but not paid for.

  Business Report: Hawaii vacation rentals for February 2021

Even with the drop in available vacation rentals during the pandemic, the numbers were low for February 2021. Howard Dicus has the details by island.

  Business Report: Feds review tip rules

  Business Report: Hotel occupancy for February

  Business Report: Economics and politics

Economics and politics should never mix, but they do. Howard explains why.

  Business Report: New unemployment data

  Business Report: State tax revenue

In this Illustrated Economics, Howard goes over the continuing shortage of state tax revenue.

  Business Report: The art of regulating utilities

  Business Report: February arrivals

In this Illustrated Economics, Howard has the numbers for February arrivals.

  Business Report: Matson's 2020 container shipping

It's time for Howard's Illustrated Economics. This time, Matson's 2020 container shipping.

  Business Report: Businesses that thrived during the pandemic

In this Illustrated Economics, Howard discusses which businesses have benefitted during the coronavirus pandemic.

  Business Report: Hawaii new jobless claims

Hawaii new jobless claims rose last week, same as mainland claims did.

  Bitcoin: Is it a bubble?

  Business Report: Dark trading

Time to learn a new term about the stock market: dark trading. Most stocks are traded openly on stock exchanges.

  Business Report: Neighbor Island home prices

In this edition of Illustrated Economics, Howard takes a look at Neighbor Island house prices.

  Business Report: Mortgage forbearance programs

The forbearance program covers federally-backed mortgages, which is 75% of them. Howard Dicus reports.

  Business Report: Education & unemployment

Howard goes over the current unemployment rates broken down by schooling.

  Business Report: Hawaii new jobless claims by island

Business reporter Howard Dicus draws us an island-by-island update on the jobless numbers for last week.

  Business Report: Diversifying Hawaii's economy

Howard discusses whether anything can be done to inoculate our economy against future tourism disasters like Covid.

  Business Report: Survey shows tourism crash hurt many local businesses

The Chamber of Commerce polled 300 members on COVID slump effects. Revenues fell an average 45% last year and 45% of businesses reduced workforce.

  Business Report: Insight into Hawaii Tourism Authority's survey

There was only a fraction of the percentage of visitors to Hawaii during the pandemic. What did they think about the effort it took to travel to our islands.